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WW Monk gear/sim question

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So tonight I got a set of bracers off Heroic IJ, ive been using normal WF ones off spoils(un-upgraded) I figured id try simming it out between the two, and the normal ones came out as a 5-7% dps increase, I adjusted reforges to hit caps...


In other words my question is... should this be happening? would you recomend swapping in the laser burn bracers or sticking with the mantid caparace augments?


Any help would be appreciated, while im asking... I know for BrM Thoks trinket is the second BiS, but is the same true on WW?


Thanks for any help you guys have to offer


heres a link to my toon: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/undermine/Le%C3%AD/advanced

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Simcraft is not optimal for WW.


Set your stat weights in AMR and see which provides then best increase based on the stat budget.


Hit/expertise are useful but once yo have enough you want as much secondary stats as possible.


You may find that even though you have a heroic item the stats are more optimal for your build.


That being said the agi bonus on a 4/4 upgraded H item will be more than off a normal wf item.


You are reforged into alot of expertise so that may free up more secondary stats to put into crit/haste etc.

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