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Took a Break Now Im Lost

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Hi guys first post so take it easy on me :)

Basically ive not played Wow properly since the release of TBC and even then i wasnt the best most knowledgable player.

Ive recently got back into the game and boosted myself a nice level 90 paladin :) been playing a few days again now but starting to realise im running about aimlessley with no idea what to do or how to progress my character just wondering if someone could give me a few tips and point me in the right direction cause running around pandaria with no idea what the hell or where the hell i am quickly becomes a chore

Thanks in advance guys

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It depends what you want to do:


If you are a PvE player, then getting the required iLvl for raids are important. On the Timeless Isle (abbreviated as "TI"), you can loot chests or kill some rares to loot Timeless pieces, which can be used to make 496 ilvl gear. You should also start with the legendary questline: 


Which mostly consist of killing the bosses in raids. You should also do Siege of Orgrimmar (abbreviated as "SoO")


If you are a PvP player, then you should head to Isle of Thunder to unlock all the PvP dailies, which willl grant 525 Honor and 50 Conquest on completion every day.


Here is a pinned topic if you are looking for more stuff:


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Yeah im thinking of doing pve just no idea which ones to do and never raided before thanks for the guide though i mean i have some timeless couns i just dont know where to spend them :/

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