Breath of the Black Prince Legendary Quest Line Guide (WoD 6.1.2)

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The Breath of the Black Prince refers to the legendary quest line of Mists of Pandaria. In this article, we will provide you with all the information regarding this quest line, as well as present you with a straightforward guide for completing it.

This quest line spans over the entirety of Mists of Pandaria's content.

If you were looking for information about the Patch 8.3 legendary cloak, please refer to our Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Legendary Cloak Guide.


Preliminary Information

There are still several unknown aspects of the Breath of the Black Prince quest line. In this section, we succinctly present the information that is currently known.

The quest line revolves around Wrathion (whom you might remember from the Fangs of the Father quest line in patch 4.3), and his new faction, The Black Prince.

  • Eligibility. The Breath of the Black Prince quest line is available only to level 90 characters.
  • Class Restrictions. There are no class restrictions. All classes can progress through the quest line and obtain the rewards.
  • Tasks. The quest line requires players to perform various tasks. Some of them can be performed solo, outside of instances, while others require the killing of raid bosses.


Currently, the quest line offers several rewards to players, as they progress through it:

  1. legendary gems (+500 of a given stat);
  2. ability to add prismatic socket to weapons;
  3. legendary meta-gems (greatly enhanced meta-gems);
  4. epic, high item level cloaks;
  5. legendary, extremely powerful cloaks.

Legendary Gems

After competing the Patch 5.0.5 quest line, you will obtain a legendary gem, which is to be placed in a special Sha-touched socket found only on select weapons from Tier 14 raids. The first gem is provided for free, and additional gems can be purchased from Wrathion.

There are 3 different legendary gems and you can only use one legendary gem at a time:

In the table below, you will find the list of Tier 14 weapons with a Sha-touched socket.

Item Name Type Main Stats
Kilrak, Jaws of Terror Icon Kilrak, Jaws of Terror (LFR, Heroic) One-Hand Sword Strength/Mastery
Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion Icon Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion (LFR, Heroic) Two-Handed Axe Strength/Mastery
Claws of Shek'zeer Icon Claws of Shek'zeer (LFR, Heroic) One-Hand Fist Weapon Agility
Spiritsever Icon Spiritsever (LFR, Heroic) One-Hand Dagger Agility
Gao-Rei, Staff of the Legendary Protector Icon Gao-Rei, Staff of the Legendary Protector (LFR, Heroic) Staff Agility
Taoren, the Soul Burner Icon Taoren, the Soul Burner (LFR, Heroic) Gun Agility
Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm Icon Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm (LFR, Heroic) Mace Intellect/Spirit
Loshan, Terror Incarnate Icon Loshan, Terror Incarnate (LFR, Heroic) Sword Intellect
Jin'ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker Icon Jin'ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker (LFR, Heroic) Staff Intellect

It is interesting to note that all three versions of the above mentioned weapons (LFR, Normal, and Heroic mode) have the hydraulic sockets and the flavour text, and the gems can be obtained even solely through LFR.


Prismatic Sockets on Weapons

After completing the Patch 5.1 quest line, players gain the ability to add a prismatic socket to Sha-touched weapons from Tier 14 and to weapons from Tier 15.


Legendary Meta-Gems

After completing the Patch 5.2 quest line, players gain the ability to use a legendary meta-gem, which is a lot more powerful than regular meta-gems. The following 4 legendary meta-gems are available:


Epic Cloaks

After completing the Celestial challenge in the Celestial Blessings quest, you will be able to obtain one of the following 6 cloaks from Wrathion:


Legendary Cloaks

After defeating all 4 August Celestials, on the Timeless Isle, your aforementioned epic cloak will be upgraded to a legendary version of itself.


The Quest Chain

The Breath of the Black Prince quest chain is comprised of 32 quests, as of writing this guide.



The quest chain is comprised of the following quests:

  1. Stranger in a Strange Land;
  2. A Legend in the Making;
  3. The Strength of One's Foes*;
  4. Trial of the Black Prince**;
  5. Fear Itself*;
  6. Breath of the Black Prince;
  7. Incoming...;
  8. The Measure of a Leader (Alliance / Horde);
  9. The Prince's Pursuit (Alliance / Horde);
  10. A Test of Valor (Alliance / Horde);
  11. The Lion Roars (Alliance) / Glory to the Horde;
  12. A Change of Command (Alliance / Horde);
  13. Call of the Packmaster (Alliance) / The Soul of the Horde (Horde);
  14. The Thunder King*** and Meet Me Upstairs***;
  15. Secrets of the First Empire*;
  16. I Need a Champion;
  17. The Thunder Forge;
  18. Spirit of the Storm Lord;
  19. The Crown of Heaven;
  20. Echoes of the Titans*;
  21. Heart of the Thunder King*;
  22. A Reckoning;
  23. Celestial Blessings;
  24. Cloak of Virtue;
  25. Preparing to Strike;
  26. Meet Me Back at the Inn**;
  27. A Timeless Discovery;
  28. Secrets if the Timeless Isle;
  29. The Emperor's Way;
  30. A Pandaren Legend;
  31. Judgment of the Black Prince*.
  • * quests that require killing raid bosses.
  • ** quests that do not need to be completed by Rogues who have completed the Fangs of the Father quest line.
  • *** optional/breadcrumb quests.

Meeting Wrathion

The quest chain starts at Half-Hill, in the Valley of the Four Winds. There, you will find an NPC called Teng Firebrew, who will offer you Stranger in a Strange Land, the first quest of the chain. This is a simple quest that only requires that you travel to the Veiled Stair, to meet Wrathion.

Specifically, Wrathion is inside the Tavern in the Mists, in the Vailed Stair. You are given a Mysterious Note Icon Mysterious Note, which you must deliver to Wrathion. The note, which you can read, contains no meaningful information.

Once you have turned the quest in, Wrathion will offer you A Legend in the Making. This quest requires that you share a drink with Wrathion. Wrathion goes into a protracted speech about the past and future of Azeroth, finally enlisting your help.


The Black Prince Faction and Wrathion's First Tasks

When his speech is complete, Wrathion offers you two quests:

  • The Strength of One's Foes requires that you collect 20 Sigils from bosses in Mogu'shan Vaults, the Heart of Fear, and the Terrace of Endless Spring. Specifically, you must collect 10 Sigil of Power Icon Sigils of Power and 10 Sigil of Wisdom Icon Sigils of Wisdom (more on this below).
  • Trial of the Black Prince requires that you attain honored reputation with The Black Prince faction, by killing mogu and mantid mobs in:
    • The Vale of Eternal Blossoms (around the Ruins of Guo-Lai);
    • Townlong Steppes (around Niuzao Temple);
    • The Dread Wastes (all over the zone).

The Sigils drop from all raid modes and difficulties, including LFR. In 10 and 25-man, there is a chance that each boss drops a Sigil. When this happens, everyone can loot the Sigil (but they must do so specifically, by looting the boss, otherwise the Sigil is not awarded). The drop chance seems to be around 33%.

In LFR, due to the personal loot system that exists there, each player has an individual chance of receiving a Sigil after a boss kill.

Also, it is worth noting that Trial of the Black Prince is not offered to, and does not need to be completed by Rogues who have completed the Fangs of the Father quest line.

The amount of reputation gained for each kill of the specified mobs is rather low. So far, we have observed four different amounts of reputation offered:

  • 40 reputation per kill, for Shao-Tien Behemoths, and several Mogu rare mobs in the Dread Wastes and Townlong Steppes;
  • 10 reputation per kill, for the majority of the mobs;
  • 15 reputation per kill, for elite mobs in The Dread Wastes;
  • 1, 2, 3, and 5 reputation per kill, for very weak mobs in The Dread Wastes, Townlong Steppes, and Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Obtaining the Gems

After you complete The Strength of One's Foes and Trial of the Black Prince, Wrathion will offer you the quest Fear Itself. This requires that you kill the Sha of Fear in the Terrace of Endless Spring raid, and loot the quest item that the boss will drop (Chimera of Fear Icon Chimera of Fear).

After turning this quest in to Wrathion, he will offer what is currently the final quest of the chain, Breath of the Black Prince. This quest only requires that you speak with Wrathion again, and he will offer you a choice between 3 gems we mentioned earlier:

Also, as we mentioned earlier, you can buy more gems from Wrathion after this, for 10,000 Gold. The gems are, however, unique-equipped, meaning that even if you are dual-wielding weapons with hydraulic sockets, only one legendary gem can be equipped at one given time.


Patch 5.1 Quests

As soon as you complete the Breath of the Black Prince quest, you will earn the Chapter I: Trial of the Black Prince Icon Chapter I: Trial of the Black Prince, and you will be offered a new quest, called Incoming.... This quest requires that you speak to Wrathion again when your faction's fleet arrives in Krasarang Wilds.

After completing Incoming..., Wrathion will offer you The Measure of a Leader (Alliance / Horde), a new quest. This is easily complete, and all it involves it listening to Wration's monologue.

Afterwards, you are offered two new quests. The Prince's Pursuit (Alliance / Horde) requires that you attain revered reputation with the The Black Prince faction, by killing NPCs of the opposing faction in Krasarang Wilds. A Test of Valor (Alliance / Horde) requires that you gather 3,000 Valor Points (note that this only counts Valor Points that you gain from the moment of taking the quest, and does not include any Valor obtained up to that point).

On completing these two quests, you are offered two more quests. The Lion Roars (Alliance) / Glory to the Horde (Horde) requires that you obtain a victory in the Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines battlegrounds. Simply queue for these battlegrounds (or use a pre-made group) and get your wins to complete this quest. The other quest, A Change of Command (Alliance / Horde) requires a more detailed explanation.


A Change of Command and End of the 5.1 Questline

The quest objective of A Change of Command (Alliance / Horde) is to defeat a powerful NPC of the opposing faction. Alliance players must defeat Warlord Bloodhilt, and Horde players must defeat High Marshal Twinbraid. Both bosses require a single tank (there are no mechanics that impose a tank switch), and they can be completed in groups of at least 3 players (provided that there is a tank and a healer in the group), but the larger the group, the easier the fight is.

Warlord Bloodhilt is located on the upper floor of the Horde keep in Dominance Point. He uses several abilities against your group.

  • Bloody Knives Icon Bloody Knives applies a very damaging bleed effect on several members of your group. Players can and should remove this bleed from themselves by using Rip it Out! Icon Rip it Out!, an extra action button that they gain. Note that using Rip it Out! causes the player to take 150,000 damage, so it should not be used if the player is low on health (in which case they should wait and hope to get healed up before they die from the bleed).
  • Choke'em Out! Icon Choke'em Out! is an interruptible, channeled spell that Bloodhilt casts on a random healer. It stuns the player and deals a large amount of damage to them every second, so it must be interrupted immediately.
  • Brutal Charge Icon Brutal Charge is a charge that Bloodhilt casts on a random player who is far from the boss. If everyone is in the boss' melee range, he does not cast this spell. Therefore, you should just stack on the boss.
  • Coup de Grace Icon Coup de Grace and Bloodthirsty Strike Icon Bloodthirsty Strike are used to damage the tank, but they are not problematic overall.

As long as the raid is stacked up in melee range, players use their Rip it Out! as soon as they are debuffed by Bloody Knives, and Choke'em Out! is interrupted promptly, this boss should not be difficult to kill for a group of 5 or more players.

High Marshal Twinbraid is located on the upper floor of the Alliance keep in Lion's Landing. He uses several abilities against your group.

  • Sound the Alarm Icon Sound the Alarm is an interruptible spell that Twinbraid uses to call for help from adds. Interrupt these casts.
  • Cannonball Spin Icon Cannonball Spin is a whirlwind-type attack that deals very high damage to players within 8 yards of the boss. Everyone should move away to avoid being hit by this.
  • Chaingun Icon Chaingun is a frontal cone attack. Just make sure everyone except the tank is behind the boss at all times.

Once you complete A Change of Command, as well as The Lion Roars / Glory to the Horde (depending on your faction), a final quest will be offered to you. Alliance players are offered Call of the Packmaster, and Horde players are offered The Soul of the Horde. This is a simple turn-in quest at Wrathion in the Veiled Stair. The quest rewards players with the Eye of the Black Prince Icon Eye of the Black Prince, an item adds a prismatic socket to a Sha-Touched weapon, or to a weapon dropped in the Throne of Thunder raid in Patch 5.2.

It is important to note that, being a prismatic socket, you cannot add the legendary gems to this socket. Also, characters who are dual-wielding Sha-Touched weapons or weapons from the Throne of Thunder can use an Eye of the Black Prince on both weapons. The second Eye of the Black Prince can be purchased from Blacktalon Quartermaster next to Wrathion in the Veiled Stair, or from Commander Oxheart in Townlong Steppes, for 2,500 Gold.

Completing this quest also grants players the Chapter II: Wrathion's War (Chapter II: Wrathion's War Alliance / Chapter II: Wrathion's War Horde) achievement.


Patch 5.2 Quests

The 5.2 questline begins with two optional breadcrumb quests that do not provide any rewards, and only require you to talk to Wrathion. They are The Thunder King and Meet Me Upstairs.

The first true quests in the 5.2 line are Secrets of the First Empire and I Need a Champion.

Secrets of the First Empire requires players to collect 20 Secrets of the Empire Icon Secrets of the Empire items, and also turn in 40 Trillium Bar Icon Trillium Bars to Wrathion. The Secrets of the Empire "drop" from bosses in the Throne of Thunder, although in effect, each player has a chance to automatically receive one after killing a raid boss, much like how the Sigil of Wisdom Icon Sigils of Wisdom and Sigil of Power Icon Sigils of Power were awarded in Looking for Raid before Patch 5.2. However, the Secrets of the Empire have a shared drop chance between 10/25-man and LFR, meaning that when you have killed the first version of a boss in a lockout, you will either receive the item or not, and subsequent kills of the same boss in that lockout can no longer award the item.

I Need a Champion requires players to reach exalted reputation with The Black Prince, which can be done by killing mogu, Zandalari and Saurok enemies on the Isle of Thunder.

Once both quests are complete, Wrathion will offer you the The Thunder Forge quest. This is a single-player scenario event, during which you will need to defend Wrathion, and later on an NPC that Wrathion summons, from several waves of enemy NPCs. Note that, in order to be able to do this quest, you must have reached Stage 4 in the Isle of Thunder, and you must have completed the To the Skies! (Alliance/Horde) quest.

Once The Thunder Forge is complete, and you have gotten past Stage 5 in the Isle of Thunder (and completed The Fall of Shan Bu (Alliance/Horde), Wrathion will offer you the Spirit of the Storm Lord quest. This quest requires that you use the Lightning Lance Icon Lightning Lance (an item provided to you) on Nalak, the Storm Lord. Once you use the item, you will have to survive for a few seconds, while kiting an add that follows you around. If you have a means of leaving combat (such as Feign Death Icon Feign Death), then you should do so as soon as you use the lance on Nalak. Nalak will despawn, and you will not need to worry about him, allowing you to simply kite the add for the few seconds required to complete the quest. Alternatively, you can ask some friends to help you.

The next quest you are offered is The Crown of Heaven. This just requires you to speak to Wrathion in the Veiled Stair. You will be able to choose your reward from among the following 4 legendary meta-gems:

The next two quests available during Patch 5.2 do not provide you with any useful rewards. The first is Echoes of the Titans, which requires you to collect 12 Titan Runestone Icon Titan Runestones, which have a chance to drop from the last 6 bosses in the Throne of Thunder. The final quest, Heart of the Thunder King, requires you to kill Lei Shen in the Throne of Thunder, and collect the Heart of the Thunder King Icon Heart of the Thunder King quest item from him. Completing this quest also completes the Chapter III: Two Princes Chapter III: Two Princes achievement.


Patch 5.3 Quests

Patch 5.3 introduces 3 new quests for players to complete. The first quest is A Reckoning, which merely requires that you speak to Wrathion. The next quest in the chain is called Celestial Blessings. This quest requires that you travel to the four Celestials located throughout Pandaria (at the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit, at the Temple of the Red Crane in Krasarang Wilds, at the Temple of the Jade Serpent in the Jade Forest, and at Niuzao Temple in Townlong Steppes) in order to obtain their blessings. Furthermore, in order to complete the quest, you will need to successfully complete one of the four challenges offered by the Celestials.

Each challenge is suited to a particular role, so you should attempt the one appropriate for your class.

  • Temple of the White Tiger: physical DPS;
  • Temple of the Red Crane: healer;
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent: caster DPS;
  • Niuzao Temple: tank.

Completing Celestial Blessings opens up the next quest in the chain, Cloak of Virtue, which merely requires that you speak with Wrathion and choose a reward from among 6 extremely powerful cloaks.

Finally, two quests called called Preparing to Strike and Meet Me Back at the Inn exist, although these are related to events that are coming in Patch 5.4.


Patch 5.4 Quests

Wrathion offers the quest A Timeless Discovery to players, at the Veiled Stair. Players are required to travel to the Timeless Isle and meet up with Wrathion there.

Once there, Wrathion offers players two quests: Secrets if the Timeless Isle and The Emperor's Way. Secrets of the Timeless Isle requires players to collect 5000 Timeless Coins Icon Timeless Coins, which can be done through a variety of means, as detailed in our guide to the Timeless Isle. Note that the quest requires you to actually turn in 5000 coins to Wrathion, and not just to collect them.

The Emperor's Way requires players to defeat the 4 August Celestials, which are world raid bosses located in the south-western part of the Timeless Isle (The Celestial Court). You must engage the bosses together with a raid group in order to be able to defeat them (although, thanks to the faction-tagging system, you do not actually need to be in the raid group yourself). You can familiarize yourselves with the abilities of these bosses by reading our relevant guides.

Once these two quests are completed and turned in, Wrathion will offer you A Pandaren Legend, a quest that you will turn in to Wrathion at the entrance to Mogu'shan Palace. He will reward you with an item that you can use to upgrade your epic cloak to its legendary version. The Blacktalon Quartermaster in The Veiled Stair sells additional such items that you can use to upgrade cloaks that you may have for one of your other specialisations.

Finally, Wrathion will offer you the Judgment of the Black Prince quest, requiring you to kill Garrosh Hellscream in the Siege of Orgrimmar. This quest can also be completed in the LFR version of the raid.


Final Considerations

This concludes the Breath of the Black Prince guide. As this quest line is fleshed out more, and as we can confirm new information, we will continue to update the guide. We'd love to receive your feedback on our forums, or through e-mail.



  • 12 Oct. 2013: Updated the guide for Patch 5.4.
  • 21 May 2013: Patch 5.3 update.
    • Modified the number of Valor points needed for A Test of Valor (Alliance/Horde) from 6,000 to 3,000.
    • Removed mentions of Sigil of Power Icon Sigils of Power and Sigil of Wisdom Icon Sigils of Wisdom dropping from specific instances each, since they now all have a chance of dropping from bosses in any T14 raid equally.
    • Added Patch 5.3 quests.
  • 02 May 2013: Added the final Patch 5.2 quests.
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