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UBRS Heroic - Rdruid pov

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Group experience is 14/14 Heroic 

Group Setup 
Paladin Tank
Resto Druid
Ench Sham (ele for first boss)

Orebender Gor'ashan

The boss seem a bit overtuned during the aoe mechanic. We did the achievement from that boss ( getting less than 5 Thunder cacophony) And i feel i wouldnt be able to heal much more. The Sharpnel is avoidable when you on the stair idk if its normal or bug. Overall fight is fine i had some los issue here and here while opening those traps but no big deal.

Nothing special to report here. Fight seem perfect dmg wise and healing wise.

Commander Tharberk
Fight seem too easy healing wise and mechanic wise

During Phase 2, the boss dmg from the fire ball does seem too low.Other than that its fine.

Warlord Zaela
Awesome fight, nothing to report the tunning seem fine. Learn to dance guys ! 

Here in extra boss kill video 

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