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Sepulcher of the First Ones Mythic RWF Summary, Day 11: Lords and Rygelon

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It was a pretty hectic day in the Race to World First, as we saw, well, a World First! A somewhat controversial kill (but not for the guild getting it), a somewhat delayed World 2nd following it, and a lot of progress on the two bosses before the Jailer -  day 11 sort of had it all!

It took a little while longer than the joked about 3-pull Anduin kill for Liquid, but they did get it in the end, except there was a bit of a snafu on Blizzard's side as they seemingly over-corrected the Wicked Stars mechanic, basically making it do nothing (no damage and no silence) when trying to fix the large hitboxes that were causing a problem in the final phase, most likely making them so small they couldn't hit anything. This is what lead to the very dramatic 2 minute 2 player and then solo-final-percent win, as Scott carried Liquid to victory:

Seeing as Liquid got the kill with the bugged mechanic, Blizzard then decided to leave it in until next reset, so as to be fair to the other guilds. Echo took quite a while to down Anduin, having gotten him down to 20% when the WF happened. They were also getting pretty unhappy about their perceived slow progress after that, with some low % wipes getting to the players a little:

They did manage to down the boss World 2nd, of course, some 4 and a half hours after Liquid, and only an hour or so before their regular raid day end. Their kill was almost as exciting as Liquid's at the very end, with everything going perfectly until that final 0.1%:

Echo put in a few tries on the Lords of Dread and Rygelon, but soon went to bed. Meanwhile Liquid were pushing pretty hard on the Lords, making the fight seem a little bit like a joke as they progressed to 40% in only 7 pulls. But they soon found out that it wasn't going to be quite that easy, and that it seems like no post-Lihuvim bosses in the Sepulcher were going down without a serious fight (and probably a nerf or two):

The enrage timer caused Liquid to start rethinking everything and get a much more DPS-focused composition together, which they did very well, but in the end, it just didn't seem to be enough.

They went for the Kin'tessa kill at the end there and managed to prevent any healing from happening, but they just were not close enough to a kill when that enrage happened, and so decided to go knocking on Mr. Gelon's door. Unfortunately what met them there was even more of a wall, as Ry was not having any of it, dropping down to almost exactly 70% after 28 pulls but not budging an inch further.

After some more tries Liquid called it an early night, as they were getting a little frustrated at the constant nature of their progress - as they would down a boss first only to run into a potential wall that gets nerfed afterwards, ever since Halondrus.

But as Liquid themselves are aware and have commented on in the past, it's an extremely difficult and complex issue to actually address for Blizzard without showing favoritism either way, as they wait until more guilds (or at least just Echo) get some more tries into the bosses before going ahead with the nerfs they probably know are needed. Outside of a global release, this really is the best that can be done, even if it does frustrate (and potentially slow down) whoever is in front at the time.

And so we found out that everything post-Lihivum is a very serious obstacle in the Sepulcher of the First ones, as we haven't had any Guardian of the First Ones/Fatescribe moments where a latter boss just died really quickly after a more difficult one, but that did come with an expectation of things getting nerfed and re-nerfed. We still have 3/4 days in this reset, so it will be interesting to see if Blizzard bring out the nerfs or just let these sit until next week, where the double legendaries will serve as nerfs-a-plenty. However, with the Lords where they are now and especially Rygelon, even those may not be enough to get the job done without further tuning. In any case, I am more and more certain that the Jailer was designed and intended as a week 3 boss with double legendaries factored in, but I still could be wrong if we see a nerf tomorrow, as the Lords are set to fall with the right amount of health decrease, while Rygelon... well that's a whole other story.

What do you think about the Sepulcher race so far? Aside from the false starts with the Heroic and Normal splits, is this the kind of difficulty the race should have? Or is the constant overtuning and then nerfing cadence a bit too predictable or annoying for your tastes?


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What do we mean when we say overtuned? If its merely that they need the next reset's gear to beat the boss, is it that much of a problem?

The harder blizz tunes bosses, the more likely even the top guilds are to face roadblocks which gear will be needed to surmount.  

Yes, this means that some kills will be achieved through the reset, but it also means more bosses are challenging beside the final one or two. That might be a good thing for both viewers and guilds alike. 



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With the second video with Gingi enraging, i had Sparta in mind with Leonidas' respond: "Madness? THIS IS ANDUIN!"

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Uncommon Patron
31 minutes ago, Razekiel said:

Race to world first is so overrated....

Nah, it's crucial.   PTR testing is poke-with-sticks stuff.  RWF is a serious group fighting for every scrap.  I refer to this sort of stuff as the gamma test, after stuff is out of beta and goes to the shelves and the customer, there's always something that's glowing - for good or ill.

When everyone on planet Earth (and a lot of people on Azeroth) knows precisely the minimum needed to take them down and it's really rly tough - that adrenalin surge, it's here.

Sure, Blizz will eventually nerf it a bit more so a guild that's not so well funded can pull and do it in 6-30 pulls each, but they'll keep it hot enough to stay harder than Heroic, and hot enough to have guildies screaming WE DID IT woooooooooo!

I'm never gonna be a football player
but when I'll take on this raid
- this?  It's also learning what burns hot in the fight.

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1 hour ago, Mishmish said:

What do we mean when we say overtuned? If its merely that they need the next reset's gear to beat the boss, is it that much of a problem?

The harder blizz tunes bosses, the more likely even the top guilds are to face roadblocks which gear will be needed to surmount.  

Yes, this means that some kills will be achieved through the reset, but it also means more bosses are challenging beside the final one or two. That might be a good thing for both viewers and guilds alike. 



Generally yes it's referring to the current state with current gear. So if it's tuned with double legendaries in mind, it is currently overtuned. That doesn't mean it HAS to be nerfed, just that it wasn't intended to be killed in this current set of circumstances. Echo sure did disprove that with Lords of Dread though!

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