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Josh "Lore" Allen Leaves Blizzard

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In a surprising announcement, Community Engagement Manager Josh "Lore" Allen shared that he was leaving Blizzard this Thursday. Lore was one of the most prominent and community-facing of Blizzard's CMs, very well known for his Q&As with the developers, his voice-over for the patch survival guides (including 9.2's), and sharing vital insights with players, both through other content creators and directly. He was with the company for 9 years, getting his start from fan site TankSpot, WoW shows like the Weekly Marmot, Legendary and more.

Here's the heartfelt announcement tweet:


We wish him well in all future endeavors and are grateful for all his contributions to the WoW community. 

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The people who create and support WoW are some of the most talented, dedicated, and passionate people in the industry

The word "WERE some of the most..." would be more fitting, since the original WoW devs already left in the past few years.

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2 hours ago, Andser said:

The word "WERE some of the most..." would be more fitting, since the original WoW devs already left in the past few years.

Nah, since most of us already know and it would reflect badly on him if he badmouths his former company, so I would say understandable choice of words. *wink wink* 😜

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Well, it looks like he didn't have the best reputation. Probably won't be missed by many, he was known to be quite hostile to the community.

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      Warlock (Source)
      Greetings Warlocks.
      Today’s Alpha build focuses on restructuring the Destruction specialization tree. We will provide context for some of these changes in this post.
      Heads up! Some talents are not yet implemented but should be in a future build.
      Soul Fire, Channel Demonfire, and Shadowburn
      We’re pivoting away from Soul Fire becoming another execute spell as Shadowburn already fills this purpose. Instead, it will serve as a reward for high critical strike chance and will naturally become more available when Shadowburn benefits from a low health target.
      Both Channel Demonfire and Shadowburn spells are retaining their current uses and identities; however, we are introducing new talents that should increase how valuable these spells are in Destruction’s toolkit. We look forward to hearing your feedback regarding the direction of each of these spells.
      Summon Infernal
      We’ve moved Summon Infernal to a more central location in the Destruction tree to provide an interesting and powerful spell to look forward to while leveling. Additionally, it’s an incredibly iconic spell for Destruction and by making it easier to get we can ensure that regardless of your build you have a longer cooldown to look forward to.
      Tree Structure
      In this alpha build you’ll see new pathing and a reduction of available talents and ranks to reduce the bloating the previous tree had. We’re interested in hearing feedback regarding if it’s too easy to get across the tree, too difficult, if a talent’s placement doesn’t make sense, or if a talent can be taken and it won’t provide any benefit unless another talent is taken.
      As mentioned last week, we will have an update for Affliction in a future build and will be focusing on hero talents and polish after. We appreciate the discussions and look forward to further feedback.
      And here are the actual changes themselves, straight from the development notes:
      Warlock (Source)
      WARLOCK Demonology The size of Gloomhound and Charhound has been decreased by 20%. Destruction The cooldown of Summon Infernal is now 2 minutes (was 3 minutes). Decimation has been redesigned – Your critical strikes have a chance to reset the cooldown of Soul Fire and reduce the cast time of your next Soul Fire by 80%. Scalding Flames has been redesigned – Increases the damage of Immolate by 25% and its duration by 3 seconds. New Talent: Indiscriminate Flames – Backdraft increases the damage of your next Chaos Bolt by 5% or increases the critical strike chance of your next Incinerate or Soul Fire by 35%. New Talent: Blistering Atrophy – Increases the damage of Shadowburn by 20%. Shadowburn always critically strikes a target that is at or below 30% health. New Talent: Fiendish Cruelty – When Shadowburn fails to kill a target that is at or below 30% health, its cooldown is reduced by 5 seconds. New Talent: Demonfire Mastery – Increases the damage of Channel Demonfire by 30% and it deals damage 35% faster. New Talent: Improved Chaos Bolt – Increases the damage of Chaos Bolt by 10% and reduces its cast time by 0.5 seconds. New Talent: Avatar of Destruction – Consuming Ritual of Ruin summons an Overfiend for 8 seconds. Overfiend generates 1 Soul Shard Fragment every 0.5 seconds and casts Chaos Bolt at its summoner’s target, dealing Chaos damage. New Talent: Dimension Ripper [Not Yet Implemented] – Incinerate has a chance to create a Dimensional Rift or recharge Dimensional Rift if learned. New Talent: Flame Rift [Not Yet Implemented] – Dimensional Rift can now summon a powerful Flame Rift. New Talent: Lessons of Space-Time [Not Yet Implemented] – While you have a Dimensional Rift open, all of your damage is increased by 5%. New Talent: Unstable Rifts [Not Yet Implemented] – Bolts from Dimensional Rift deal 25% of the damage dealt to nearby enemies. Backlash moved to gate 1. Summon Infernal moved to gate 2. Channel Demonfire moved to gate 2. Raging Demonfire moved to gate 3. Soul Fire moved to gate 3. Decimation moved to gate 3. Devastation moved to gate 3. Ruin moved to gate 3. The following talents have been removed: Pandemonium Cry Havoc Improved Immolate Decimating Bolt Grand Warlock’s Design The following talents are now 1 rank: Burn to Ashes Master Ritualist Power Overwhelming Infernal Brand Crashing Chaos Ashen Remains Eradication Conflagration of Chaos Ruin Scalding Flames Fire and Brimstone Rolling Havoc Raging Demonfire Flashpoint Emberstorm
    • By Staff
      Mages got plenty of attention once again this week, with Arcane being in the spotlight, but Fire also receiving significant adjustments. Clearcasting received the most changes, as its proc is no longer mana cost-dependent, it can't e gained outside of combat anymore, and it is gained when casting Evocation. There's plenty more to see so let's get into it. 
      Mage (Source)
      Hello mages!
      We have another round of Arcane Mage changes hitting the Alpha today, and we want to do a check-in on the state of Arcane Mage and how it relates to our stated goals.
      As mentioned in our initial post, our goals for our Alpha Mage changes were:
      Allow you to acquire each specialization’s core gameplay with less talent point investment. Simplify rotational complexity. Provide new nodes that can help you adapt your damage profile to better match a given encounter’s demands. Provide competitive choice nodes that let you opt-out of complex gameplay. We feel that as of right now, we’re approaching these goals with Arcane, but there have been a few outliers that we’d like to address.
      In this alpha build, we are officially untying Clearcasting’s proc chance from mana spent. While this did add interesting texture to the landscape of Arcane’s rotation, it created some discrepancies we weren’t comfortable with-- namely how challenging generating Clearcasting could be in AOE versus single target where mana spent varies drastically.
      After this change, initial tests show proc rates marginally decreased in single target but increased in multi target-- which will assuredly have some knock-on effects across Arcane’s kit. We’ll be monitoring discussion and making adjustments as necessary to Clearcasting’s proc rate and its associated talents.
      Clearcasting Out of Combat
      In the latest build, we’ve removed Arcane’s ability to generate Clearcasting out of combat with spells like Arcane Explosion. We do not feel that spamming Arcane Explosion outside of combat to build Clearcasting pre-pull or in-between packs in M+ was an interesting or compelling part of Arcane’s gameplay, but it felt necessary to smoothly begin damage.
      To remedy the loss of this functionality, we made Evocation grant Clearcasting, so that those of you who use it can still reliably acquire Clearcasting on pull or going into your burns. In AOE scenarios, the aforementioned changes to Clearcasting should mean you are more consistently gaining Clearcasting in AOE, so the need to build Clearcasting in-between packs should be lessened.
      We will be closely monitoring feedback with regards to this change, so please share your thoughts!
      Arcane Battery
      Both Arcane and Fire are seeing some Dragonflight tier bonuses baked into their talent tree in the War Within Alpha. While there was initial excitement around the return of the 4-set effects, we’ve seen a lot of discussion around the gameplay and tracking inherent to the 2-set effects Arcane Battery and Charring Embers.
      After some consideration, we’ve decided to remove the 2-set effects to help reach our stated goals of reducing rotational complexity and to mitigate buff tracking. Arcane will see Arcane Battery removed in today’s Alpha build, with Charring Ember’s removal coming in a future update.
      Wizened Wit
      As with many of our active-to-passive talent choice nodes, our goal is to make sure that the more complex option is usually the strongest, but we are making a concerted effort to ensure that the distance between the two talents is not very large. With regards to Wizened Wit, our initial tuning made it substantially better than Presence of Mind-- its more complex counterpart.
      This has sparked some interesting discussion, with some parties happy to lose Presence of Mind, while others are sad to see it not be optimal anymore. We’ll be continuing to monitor the discussion, and in the meantime, we are going to be adjusting Wizened Wit to close the gap on the choice node.
      Buff Tracking
      Talents like Arcane Battery, Aether Attunement, and Leydrinker incentivized a lot of buff tracking, something that Arcane Mage didn’t have a lot of before. While we are comfortable moving Arcane’s complexity into the more traditional buff-tracking-space, it is very clear that we overshot the mark, and we’ve taken steps to rein in amount of effects that need to be tracked.
      We really appreciate all the feedback we’ve been receiving with regards to the Mage changes, and we hope you keep it coming!
      And here are the actual changes themselves, from the development notes:
      Mage (Source)
      Arcane Energized Familiar now fires 4 bolts during Arcane Surge (was Time Warp or other similar effects). Wizened Wit decreases Arcane Blast cast time by 5% (was 10%). Mana Adept and Slipstream have swapped places. Clearcasting’s chance to trigger is no longer tied to mana spent, and now has a 10% chance of triggering when casting any damaging spell. You can no longer trigger Clearcasting by casting damaging spells while out of combat. Evocation now grants one stack of Clearcasting. Siphon Storm duration has been reduced to 20 seconds (was 30 seconds). Arcane Battery removed. Developers’ notes: We appreciate everyone’s feedback on the frustration centered around Arcane Battery, and have opted to replace it with Arcane Debilitation. Arcane Debilitation is meant to meaningfully integrate with existing Arcane Missiles effects across the tree in an exciting way with minimal headspace requirements. We will be sensitive to any degenerate optimizations that need to be done to maximize this talent’s effectiveness. New Talent: Arcane Debilitation – Damaging a target with Arcane Missiles applies Arcane Debilitation, increasing their damage taken from your Arcane Missiles, Arcane Barrage, and Arcane Blast by 0.5%/1% for 6 seconds. New stacks do not refresh duration. Time Loop has been redesigned – When you apply a stack of Arcane Debilitation, you have a 10% chance to apply another stack of Arcane Debilitation. This effect can trigger off of itself. Aether Attunement has been redesigned – Consuming Clearcasting has a 15% chance to grant you Aether Attunement, causing your next Arcane Missiles to deal 150% increased damage to your primary target and fires at up to 4 nearby enemies dealing 100% increased damage. Aether Attunement is now tracked on the personal resource display. Arcane Debilitation is now tracked on enemy nameplates. Leydrinker has been redesigned – Consuming Nether Precision has a 15% chance to make your next Arcane Blast or Arcane Barrage echo, repeating its damage at 25% effectiveness to the primary target and up to four nearby enemies. Leydrinker visuals have been updated. New Talent: Surging Urge – Arcane Surge damage increased by 5% per Arcane Charge. Nether Munitions damage amplification reduced to 6% (was 8%). Fire Alexstrasza’s Fury is no longer a choice node with From the Ashes Quickflame’s Flamestrike damage bonus reduced to 20% (was 25%). Charring Embers moved to Gate 2. Charring Embers now increases the damage you deal to affected targets by 4% (was 6%). From the Ashes has been redesigned – Your direct damage spells to targets affected by Charring Embers reduce the cooldown of Phoenix Flames by 1 second. Deep Impact has been redesigned – Meteor now turns one target hit into a Living Bomb. Additionally, its cooldown is reduced by 15 seconds. Phoenix Reborn no longer requires enemies to be under the effects of Charring Embers. Inflame has returned and is now in Gate 3. Focused Fury has been removed. Developers’ notes: Convection and Focused Fury were intended to be flex talents to help you get a bit more single target damage while in an AOE build. However, the combination of these two talents were making Living Bomb so powerful in single target that it was overshadowing spells like Pyroblast. We don’t have a problem with Living Bomb being present in single target builds, but it shouldn’t be one of your highest damage contributors. Given the design of Focused Fury, it stands very opposed to this principle, and thus we opted to remove it. Convection is now located where Focused Fury was. Wildfire has been removed.
    • By Staff
      Devastation gets some focus in today's Alpha build, as Blizzard work on the left side of the spec's talent tree and Firestorm. There are also changes to all three Hero trees in the build as well.
      Evoker (Source)
      Devastation Evokers will want to check out today’s updates.
      The goal of these changes is primarily to increase the viability of the left side of the Devastation tree. We hope this can allow Devastation to be more flexible in their talent choices and have options to build around Firestorm if they wish.
      The cap we added for Animosity was primarily to help keep the extension gameplay healthy and not reliant on effects like Power Infusion.
      We’re monitoring feedback around this and understand that it feels like it limits the potential fun of the extension gameplay.
      And here are the actual changes, from the development notes:
      Evoker (Source)
      EVOKER Deep Breath, Landslide, and Breath of Eons temporarily have their line-targeting reticle disabled while we work on an issue with it causing a crash. Lifecinders now upgrades Renewing Blaze to allow 1 friendly target. If no target is selected, it will find a nearby injured ally. Chronowarden Preservation Instability Matrix reduces empower spell cooldown by up to 6 seconds (was 10 seconds). Flameshaper Fan the Flames has been adjusted – Instead of extending Enkindle, it now adds 100% more damage or healing into the periodic effect. In addition, the tooltip now clarifies that it affects all active Enkindles. Traveling Flame now extends Dream Breath or Fire Breath by 8 seconds, and causes it to spread to a nearby target (was causes it to spread, or refreshes if no valid targets were present). Consume Flame now consumes 4 seconds of your Fire Breath or Dream Breath (was 8 seconds). Amount of healing or damage is now equal to 300% of that, and now scales with Haste. Devastation Developers’ notes: The goal of these changes is primarily to increase the viability of the left side of the Devastation tree. We hope this can allow Devastation to be more flexible in their talent choices and have options to build around Firestorm if they wish. Firestorm radius increased to 10 yards (was 8). Firestorm’s tick rate now increases with Haste. New Talent: Scorching Embers – Enemies take 20% increased damage from your Red spells while affected by Fire Breath. Feed the Flames has been redesigned – Now causes enemies to take 20% more damage from Pyre and Disintegrate if they are inside your Firestorm. Snapfire has been slightly redesigned – Now grants a free cast of Firestorm that does not trigger the cooldown. It now also triggers from Pyre instead of Living Flame. Developers’ notes: The free cast of Firestorm that does not trigger the cooldown is so the Snapfire proc will be full value even if Firestorm wasn’t on cooldown. Imminent Destruction now also increases Disintegrate and Pyre damage by 10%, and lasts 12 seconds (was 10 seconds). Imminent Destruction has swapped places with Feed the Flames in the talent tree. Honed Aggression now increases Azure Strike and Living Flame damage by 10% per point (was 5%). The following talents have been removed: Everburning Flame Raging Inferno
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