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Ramaladni's Gift and reroll

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Hi there,

I'm back on D3 two weeks ago on harcore S25 monk P498.

I have quite good weapons without socket and I haven't yet some Ramaladni's Gift.  I know that using a Ramaladni's Gift on a weapon "give" you an additional stat so I want to wait for Ramaladni's Gift. But I was thinking to a technique a never heard about :

  1. I reroll a stat now on my weapon to have a socket
  2. I finally drop a Ramaladni's Gift
  3. I reroll the socket on the weapon for a stat
  4. I use the Ramaladni's Gift on the weapon

Does it give the same result at the end?


Thanks in advance for your answer.




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Hi Ashtroll, 

Yes, that works perfectly fine - I often resort to this as well. Of course, whichever stat you roll off now will be the only one you can reroll later, so bear that in mind. 

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