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PvP outline

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This is to help anyone that needs it, but I wrote this for Wolves and Ravens of Grob. US West.

Once we hit 70 we can start farming honor to get geared (if you want to do pvp with us) . It may seem daunting but if we follow these steps we can get geared much faster then expected!

PvP faction items now have an Honored reputation requirement (from Revered). 

Battleground mark costs for season 1 have been removed to make the gear easier to get, Battleground mark costs for vindicator items have been halved.

Best ways to get honor:

•For Great Honor daily (600+ honor)

•Call to arms daily (900+honor +6 marks) for whatever BG you do on the weekdays and on the weekends the quest will always be what the current weekend bonus is. 

•Battleground weekend for increased honor and marks (try to get at least 5 wins on the weekend, more is better) the Battleground weekends are static and alway repeat the same rotation it goes: AV, WSG, AB, repeat. Find out what it was the week before and go from there.

•Terrokar and Halaa Daily quests (800+ honor) capturing towers/town when the timers go off (Nova world buffs addon can help) you need to get invited to whatever layer it's on. 

One of the repeatable dailies that I listed first is "For Great Honor" converting your battleground marks into honor points, (Make sure you set aside some marks for certain pieces in the later tiers so you don't screw yourself.) 

From my rough calculations it will take about 90k honor to get full geared with a weapon, so of we follow these steps and do all the dailies and do the call to arms weekend it will only take a few weeks to get fully geared!

Once we get sufficiently geared we can start moving into arenas and get even better gear. I hope this outline I made helps our guild have a better understanding of our path forward on to how to get going for all who want to PvP. Don't hesitate to contact me in-game if you have any questions about more specific stuff 🙂

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