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WoD Beta. Tallents/Stat prio etc.

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With the raid testing starting, I'd like to start a discussion about the current best tallents, stats etc.

I'm mostly interested in resto and boomkin, but all cats and bears should also feel free to discuss stuff in here smile.png


Firstly for resto.

My current stats oppinion is Haste >(=?) Mastery > Versatility > Multistrike > Crit.

Mastery seems to provide higher % increase per point, and i haven't included spirit since there's only 1-2 items that give it, and i presume everyone will use them smile.png


For tallents, most are pretty standart. Yisera's gift got nerfed, but it's still better than the rest. Soul of the Forest vs Tree of Life seems like a win for soul, unless the boss alternates between low/high healing phases, in which case I'd use Tree as a healing cd.

Nature's vigil seems the only option in the lvl90 tallents atm.

The level 100 tallents seem kinda close tho. Rampant Growth with sotf and swiftmending all rejuvs that are about to expire seems like such a huge boost, but a 5s clarity is also not bad at all. Clarity is so rng tho, so I'd probably go with Rampant Growth on short fights. Mana might be big problem with it tho. Thoughts?





For boomkin I have no idea tho. So an imput for the stats would be appriciated smile.png


On the tallents tho...

Chosen of Elune seems so underwhelming. Soul of the Forest vs Force of Nature would be the choice to make, and I'd probably go with FoN (Higher on demand burst). Dream of Cenarius seems to not work atm, so there's no much choice there, and the level 100 tallents are... hmm...

Stellar Flare seems to win by a big margain, but I've yet to test the Balance of Power with proper procs, pots and bloodlust. BoP provides infinite dots, so in long fights it might actually win out. 

I'd appriciate all tips you can give, especially for boomkin, preferably before tonight's testing begins smile.png

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For resto I think its going to be Haste > Mastery > Versatility = Multistrike > Crit


I dont know why you valued haste so low.  Even if you didnt think what I'm about to say, haste still gives more than crit, crit gives NOTHING to us still.


Right now, on live, haste is the BEST stat at breakpoints, the reason mastery seems so good is because haste value drops DRAMATICALLY in between breakpoints.  So it on'y bad when you're not getting full ticks.



In WoD, all of our hots gain partial ticks in between "breakpoints" (breakpoints don't technically exists but we do gain a full tick at these "points").  The point being, haste is ALWAYS going to be valuable as opposed to on live where it doesn't do anything for your hots inbwetween.  Regardless of your haste in WoD its always going to add more healing with partial ticks to your hots.



As for talents, Rampart growth seems bad to me if you're pairing it with Soul of the Forest.  It seems that there is too much value to try to game there which will make you run out of mana pretty quickly.  It may be good with ToL, but then its really only used as an quick single target heal.


I like germination, but it seems to only really work well in 5 mans.  Won't be practical in mythic.


Moment of Clarity is probably going to be my default for a while, and if mana ends up being easy in the end ill probably pick germination for more constant throughput.

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Right, I didn't actually know about the partial tics :D Gonna edit the values.


Clarity seems to be the go to for long fights, but the 5man hcs I did today were so heavy on the healing that it makes me think if only that ammount of output will be enough to keep the raid up :o

I guess I'll see soon \o/


But what are your thoughts on SotF vs ToL? Seperate from all other tallents.

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Well, right now wild growth is too strong IMO, even without SotF.  So to me SoTF is better.  But it may change.   Though, depending on the damage ToL might be better..



To me, from what they said on how damage is going to happen (not always at 100%) then I still think SotF will be better casue we'll get full use from it.

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Honestly, thinks like stat priorities can't even be assessed until there's more final tuning in the beta. Where they are right now, there's no way to even begin to apply priorities and values to them to any extant beyond just mentioning how the stats work.

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