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Full Jailer Secret Phase, Down to the Final 10%

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We have a VERY good look into the secret Mythic phase 4 of the Jailer (several, in fact), as Echo have gotten the boss back down to 10% after his heal at the beginning of p4! Let's start with an earlier pull, also featuring all of phase 4, where they got the final part down to 20%. The Jailer heals up to 24.4% after he reaches his first 10% mark and gets a 5.5% health shield, so there's plenty to get through:

Now that we've seen it, let's examine what's actually happening, courtesy of our own Rogue guide writer and Raider.IO live progress coverage writer, Seliathan:

Looking at the best pull Echo had so far, the boss certainly seems killable with the gear they have available already. They're already halfway through secret phase, as they got the boss down to 10.7% after he healed back up to 24.4% (and getting a shield for another ~5.5% of his total health).

The phase plays out a bit different than we initially expected, as the boss continues using some of his regular abilities from Phases 1-3, all of which will limit their space further and further.

- He will spawn the Phase 1 bombs again, that need the players to jump into the holes on the ground. Depending on the frequency of this, they might run out of holes to jump into towards the end of the fight.

- The Torments from Phase 2, the ones that explode a second time after the initial hit, are back as well. This time, however, they leave behind a Defile ground-effect, so people need to make sure to not be left behind, as just dipping your toes into them will almost certainly be a wipe

- The Phase 3 Pylon cave-ins also continue to happen throughout this phase. This is yet another area-denial effect that will limit the guild's space to deal with the other mechanics, and needs to be baited/played around for the Death Sentence mechanic

- He continues doing the Knockback from Phases 1-3 as well, so players need to make sure to not get knocked into one of the Defiles or the holes on the ground

All of this is on top of the Death Sentence and Meteor Cleave ability, the latter having a nasty and powerful knockback.

The boss starts applying a single Death Sentence to a player. Once this debuff is removed, either through death or being dispelled, 2 zones spawn that need to be soaked, and the soaking players also gain the Death Sentence debuff. The has to delay dispelling as much as possible (without it expiring), and missing a soak will immediately apply the debuff to the entire raid. This means that the raid has to continue soaking and spreading this debuff, and it will ramp up over the course of the fight. While the first debuff only spawns 2 zones to be soaked, this repeats and the next time it will be 4 zones, then 8, then 16. A mass dispel will surely be needed for the last set, and missing even a single soak will immediately wipe the raid at this point.

While this is happening, the raid also has to deal with another tank-soak mechanic, Meteor Cleave. Due to the way Death Sentence triggers on dispel or death, no one can die to this or the raid will not have enough time to kill the Jailer before the amount of Death Sentences applied are too high.

The raid will need to continue to dispel the Death Sentence debuffs and soak the puddles they leave behind, and it is the overlaps with other previously mentioned abilities that will create a lot of problems for them. In Echo's best pull, their soaks for the Death Sentence were overlapping with the Pylon cave-in, meaning that whoever went to soak got killed by the Pylon debris. They will most likely need to use gateways again or try dispelling earlier/later so the abilities won't overlap anymore.

And the current best pull, coming in at 10.7% post-phase 4.

The boss might really be dying today, and Echo raid leader Scripe seems convinced!

In terms of competition, Echo are very much on their own here, as Liquid has not made it into the secret phase yet, as they seem to have lost a little motivation yesterday, not managing to beat their best of 15% in about 24 hours. We do have 7 guilds total on the Jailer, with the top two joined by SK Pieces, Skyline, Method, BDGG and Aster, so the Jailer is pretty busy right now.

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