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Changed to BM dps seems low

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I recently brought this Hunter out of retirement and have been MM. I changed to BM and my dps is low.  I have been reading the forums and used warcraft logs for the first time but don't really know what I can do to improve. My account info is http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malygos/Deany/advanced. and the Log i used was  on iron Juggernaut


Any help will be much appreciated. 

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Alright, first off, you're not the best optimized.  It will work, but its not best.  


As for the log, serpent sting uptime is good, could be a bit better, but definitely not bad.  However, your usage of kill command is a low.  40 uses out of 61 possible.  You also could have gotten in another bestial wrath.  One big thing is that you gained frenzy 40 times, and used focus fire 10 times.  That means you used focus fire with an average of 4 stacks.  You should only use it at 5 stacks and if bestial wrath is on cd.  The extra damage from frenzy stacks with bestial wrath, so you should use focus fire after bestial wrath ends.  Graph of KC usage vs BW uptime.  It's not the best, and you seem to only be getting one KC inside of each BW, you should be using BW then KC and get a second one during it as well.  You can also see how you used focus fire, which is something that greatly need improved upon.  I can't tell how well you managed your focus, as you didn't have advanced combat logging turned on, I suggest doing so for future logs.  


Also, something minor:

You took 9.62M damage during the fight.  Iron hawk saved you from 1.07M damage.  If you had taken Spirit bond, it would have healed you for 18651 every 2 seconds, and would have amounted for a total of 3.4M healing, with very little (>10%) overhealing.  Again, this is very minor and has nothing to do with dps.

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