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WW preparing for Heroics

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Hello guys. I do not have any WW friends or even a WW in the guild right now so im a bit confused. I am looking to finally get into heroics coming either tonight (maybe) or next week. Would anyone be able to give me a hand??



http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/h ... hai/simple


http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-g ... etails/25/


I have been pretty much solo flying for months and just kinda figuring it out as I go but i want to be able to do as much DPS as i can and make sure my character is best she can do. Any help would be gladly appreciated!!!!!

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I'm no expert on WW by any means, but I can tell you that when you start getting heroic gear, it's perfectly acceptable to drop the 4pc if the offset pieces you get have better itemization. The 2pc is still pretty important, as I understand it. 

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Probably a big thing that doesn't directly connect to how you did, is if you logged this, reupload it to warcraftlogs.  Much easier to analyze a log on WCL than WoL.  *Note* I don't play WW, this is just what I've picked up upon here.

From IJ parse: 89% uptime on RSK debuff isn't bad, but work on getting this higher.  You used 22 RSK out of 35 possible, it should be used as close to on cd as possible.  Its understandable if it gets dropped when during siege phase and you get knocked back, so try to position yourself so that you don't get knocked far.  Xuen will also be better for single target damage than RJW, and even then, you only used RJW 3 times.  Another thing, 82 charges of tigereye brew were gained, but you used TEBrew 12 times.  From what I understand, you should be using it when you have 10+ stacks to gain max benefit.  

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