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Looking for log critique v2

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was here a few weeks ago and got some quality help.


Back with more logs and a tiny bit more gear.







Have a few pieces since armory broke, WF TTT and the normal version of my current weapon.

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Good morning! First off, I want to apologize for the 2 weeks it took to get you a reply. I haven't forgotten these forums but, with my work schedule and the fact I spent most of last week moving, I haven't been able to get to your request, as well as others. Without further delay, though, here's what I've come up with regarding your request:



Your Armory:


Nothing performance changing here, but it seems you're missing your tinker on your cloak? Just a heads up lol.


Additionally, you may want to consider inv_glyph_majorwarrior.jpgGlyph of Unending Rage instead of what is currently shown to be equipped, inv_glyph_majorwarrior.jpgGlyph of Long Charge. While minor, the extra rage (especially for Fury) is preferred over 5 yards extra charging distance.


I'd also consider a look at your Mr. Robot Profile. You may be using custom stat weights as this is the only reason I can see why it is recommending changes. If you're not, the default stat weights provided by Mr. Robot is sufficient for optimizing your gear. Once you get into the higher item levels (560+) you can really start to look into using custom weights obtained via SimCraft.



For this review I'll be looking at your Iron Juggernaut parse provided from your WCL link. As I've explained on other reviews, this is one of two fights that's closest to being a "Patchwerk" encouter for us.



Your fight lasted 4:03. This comes out to 243 seconds. With 4.5 seconds on BT, you had a potential to cast it 54 times and you only hit it 36 times. You didn't die and you weren't affected by his Cutter Laser debuff so, aside from being knocked back, you missed 18 opportunities to use this ability. This fight won't permit you to hit every single possible opportunity; some of the best parses have warriors missing ~10. Just remember that this ability is your primary source of your spell_shadow_unholyfrenzy.jpgEnrage buff and your warrior_wild_strike.jpgRaging Blow procs.


BT -> Filler -> Filler -> BT -> Filler -> Filler -> BT.


Outside of your CS burn phase, that's your normal rotation. Going 3 GCDs without using BT can cost valuable time of being Enraged or giving you a RB proc.


Continuing to look at this source, I'll also comment on your Enrage uptime. It was only up 69.64%. In a perfect world where you're always on the boss and you're never missing your rotation priorities / GCD usage, SimCraft puts you at a 89.54% uptime potential. Again, this is in a perfect world. I only mention this to give some sort of guideline. The bottom line here is that, even in your actual situation (as opposed to perfect world), your Enrage uptime could've been more. If need be, remember to use spell_nature_ancestralguardian.jpgBerserker Rage to extend your Enrage uptime (especially in a CS burn window).


ability_warrior_colossussmash.jpgColossus Smash:

In your fight you could've used CS 12 times. You cast it 12 times. I can't really say much but to keep doing what you're doing and staying on top of this. The CS burn window is the bread and butter of a Fury Warrior. Missing this window will dramatically hinder your damage output.


warrior_talent_icon_stormbolt.jpgStorm Bolt:

Considering the fact that you have your EEoG trinket and it's at the Flex item level and above (With your 4/4 upgrade it's actually equivalent to a normal mode EEoG), you can line up your SB inside each CS window - which is what you want to do. I've provided a screenshot of these two abilities:




You'll notice at the 2:55 mark you missed a SB chance. Overall you started out lining these up really nice - right in that 6 second burn window. Then it started to trail off and eventually lead to you missing one completely. After you missed one, you got back on track.


warrior_wild_strike.jpgRaging Blow:

You gained this buff 28 times and you used it 25 times. The reason for missing a RB proc are 1 of 2 things: 1)You let the buff go or 2)You used BT while already having 2 stacks of the buff already. The other reason may be you had the buff and the fight ended while you had the RB buff and, obviously,  wasn't able to use it.


You want to try and get 2 - 3 RB inside your CS window. (Getting 3 requires the use a Berserker Rage instead of a BT; a deviant from the standard rotation). Outside the CS window you want to make sure you use it when you have 2 stacks to make sure you don't waste one and you still have one going into your next CS burn window.



Bladestorm is a unique ability when it comes to it's usage. It's one of the several abilities affected by your EEoG. In specific relation to Iron Juggernaut, being under the effects of Bladestorm will allow you to avoid getting pushed back from Shock Pulse.


Outside of specific-encounter benefits, Bladestorm is a viable Single Target rotation ability with normal mode and above weapons and will, ideally, be used after your CS burn window, while you're enraged, and while you only have 1 stack of RB. It sounds almost impossible but that situation occurs more than one would originally think.


Your specific usage shows 4 casts. You may have gotten a 5th in but there was a significant gap between your 2nd usage and your 3rd usage. Is this something to really sweat over? Not really, imo. As I said - in some encounters it's more of a benefit to save it, thus not using it right when it's available or immediately after your CS burn window. Use your own judgement with it but don't neglect the ability either; it is part of your Single Target rotation and not using it will cause a DPS loss.


ability_criticalstrike.jpgRecklessness / warrior_skullbanner.jpgSkull Banner:

You were able to use these twice, which is common in most encounters. The significance is when a warrior uses them and this can vary on multiple aspects such as if there are other warriors present or when Heroism / Bloodlust is used.


The main thing I'll point out here is you have 3 warriors available. This means you have 3 Skull Banners to alternate so you get the maximum benefit from the raid-wide buff. (Stacking Skull Banners does not stack it's benefit and thus wastes the utility of it if more than one warrior uses it at the same time.) There should've been two 30-second windows of Skull Banner - one during Heroism at the beginning and, ideally, the other estimated to be the last 30 seconds of the fight (execute phase). I realize this focuses on all the warriors available and not just yourself but, being as it affects your personal DPS, this is why I am critiquing it.


Take a look at the following graph:




Here's the SB usage time frame:


Recklessfury: 00:00.925 (Almost 1 second into the pull)

Aveyde; 00:03.911 (Almost exactly 3 seconds after you used yours)

Jorrah: 01:12.027 (Well after the 10 seconds from Aveyde)


I won't put a time stamp on the last usage. Ideally what should have happened is this:


Warrior 1: Uses Skull Banner in conjunction with Heroism.

Warrior 2: Uses Skull Banner 9 seconds after the first one is cast.

Warrior 3: Uses Skull Banner 9 seconds after the second one is cast.


This is to adjust for latency and such and ensure the buff does not fall off. Most likely, unless you guys are on top of your game, you may lose the buff for a second but timing it for 9 seconds instead of 10 should avoid this probability.


With your usage the entire raid only received 13 seconds of Skull Banner instead of 27 seconds which would've been a bigger benefit to the raid during the Heroism window.


ability_rogue_ambush.jpgHeroic Strike / spell_warrior_wildstrike.jpgWild Strike:

These two abilities are your rage dump casts and it depends on what's going on as to when you use them.


Generally speaking you use Heroic Strike after every GCD inside your CS burn window. This comes out to something of the effect:


CS -> SB + HS -> RB + HS -> RB + HS -> Berserker Rage -> RB + HS -> BT


If you cannot use Berserker Rage then you would obviously use BT to keep up your Enrage buff and then follow it up with the RB + HS but you wouldn't get the extra BT usage at the end while CS is up.


Outside of your CS window is when you use Wild Strike, especially during a ability_warrior_bloodsurge.jpgBloodsurge proc. There are fine points to managing this proc and it's usage to dumping rage in conjunction with Heroic Strike but, speaking simply, this is your second priority filler outside a CS window (Raging Blow being your first priority).


Your log reflects what I would expect of Heroic Strike but not as much as I would expect with Wild Strike. Keep in mind the information I've provided concerning these two and see if you can put them to practice next time you're parsing.



Your priority obviously changes when you're in Execute phase - especially under your CS window. While you do not want to forget SB, you want to make sure your Enrage is still up and spam Execute as much as your rage will allow. Again - make sure you do not forget SB and make sure your Enrage is still active. Then prioritize Execute.


You managed this really well so there's not much more I can say on this.


The last thing I cover is your Rage gained / wasted. In this particular fight you wasted a mere 27 rage of 1,215 gained. This comes out to 2.22% wasted. This is excellent - especially when I've seen, on average, a 15% waste all the way up to a 56^% waste. Great job in managing your rage. It'll be even more fun if you change your glyphs as I suggested in the beginning of this post!



Well, man, this is it. I know it's quite a read but I try to be as helpful as I can. if you should have any questions or comments regarding this review do not hesitate to bring them up; I'll be more than happy to discuss them. I hope you've found it useful to some degree.


Good hunting.

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Really grateful for the advice, the wait is alright, been kind of tracking high ranking warriors and comparing a few things.


I do have a few questions though, and also those logs are a few weeks old now, and I've been improving a bit here and there as I become more and more comfortable with the rotation.


As far as glyphs go, I've got unending rage and long charge, so I'm a tad confused with your comments here.


I've been trying to work on my BT usage a lot more. Will improve.


As far as SB inside of CS, I run into an issue, where CS is 20 seconds, and SB is 21.4 with my CDR trinket. So every use it becomes a second and a half off of CS' cd and they grow farther apart as time goes on. So I get to a point where I'm delaying my CS for 5-6 seconds or not using SB. After I hit this sort of lull in my rotation I can line them up again even. That's probably why you see the one use way off. Any way to combat this? I assume it'd be a bigger loss to hold off on CS than SB.


The logs you're seeing are for our guild's alt run, where we've generally been doing whatever because normals lol, but we've started doing a few heroics and are trying to get a little more organized, I'll make sure skull banner gets chained more.


Thanks for the time again

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As far as glyphs go, I've got unending rage and long charge, so I'm a tad confused with your comments here.


I rechecked your armory and it seem you're correct. Perhaps it's something I overlooked when I first reviewed your armory, confusing glyph icons, perhaps.



As far as SB inside of CS, I run into an issue, where CS is 20 seconds, and SB is 21.4 with my CDR trinket. So every use it becomes a second and a half off of CS' cd and they grow farther apart as time goes on. So I get to a point where I'm delaying my CS for 5-6 seconds or not using SB. After I hit this sort of lull in my rotation I can line them up again even. That's probably why you see the one use way off. Any way to combat this? I assume it'd be a bigger loss to hold off on CS than SB.


That's an interesting note and your account of it lines up perfectly with the graph I provided in my previous post. For reference, I checked my own EEoG which is 569 (Norm with 4/4). Stormbolt has a CD of 20.7 seconds. With your trinket being 21.4, that's less than a second in difference. I know, personally, I'm able to hit every CS window with a SB.


Delaying CS for 5-6 seconds is delaying it for 5-6 GCDs, which, in turn means you missed an entire CS burn window (6 seconds). I wouldn't delay it that long.


I'm at a loss, right now, as to why your SBs aren't lining up as they should. Last time I read (and even practiced), I was able to start this lineup when I had my Flex EEoG even being restricted to a 2/2 upgrade system. My first guess would be you're missing one SB due to whatever reason and that's throwing the rest of them off while you play "catch up". Again, though, the graph shows a progressive delay and not an immediate one so this may not be the case. What I mean by "miss" is that, in fact, you're delaying the SB one or two GCDs within your 6 second burn window instead of making it your first GCD usage.

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