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Upcoming Class Tuning: April 19th

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Update: it seems more nerfs are headed to Destro as Blizzard have further reduced the number of targets needed to proc the small chance of Soul Shard generation to 5. You can read the full post here.

Blizzard is currently working on some class adjustments that will go live during scheduled weekly maintenance on April 19. 

Blizzard Logo(Source)

We’re currently working on a pair of class adjustments, with the intent of making these changes during scheduled weekly maintenance (20 April in this region).


  • Survival
    • Wildfire Cluster Wildfire Cluster (Runecarving Power) explosions now deals reduced damage when striking beyond 8 targets.


  • Destruction
    • Inferno Inferno (Talent) now has a reduced chance for Rain of Fire to generate Soul Shard Fragments when it deals damage beyond 8 targets.

In both cases, we’re deliberately making changes that will not affect either spec engaging with fewer than 8 targets. In the case of Survival Hunters, we want the Wildfire Cluster to remain an excellent Legendary choice in AoE situations, with damage that is more similar to other AOE abilities. For Destruction, we’re focusing on the synergy between Inferno and Rain of Fire that leads to a dramatic increase in damage with target count due to resource generation.

We’ll have the final changes noted in our hotfixes update next week.

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1 hour ago, Dreamcatcher said:

RIP Surv

except this doesnt hurt the average m+ players. So not really a RIP. this only hurts teams that pull like theyre in the MDI

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1 hour ago, Krimzin said:

Good maybe now all the meta chasers will see this as a HUGE nerf and change classes again.


Sincerely hoping that was sarcasm.

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Can I yawn?    The only people I see this affecting much are extreme high end M+ groups.    Otherwise the only raid boss I see this even possibly affecting is Anduin.

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14 hours ago, Unholyknight said:

Just when i switched to SV spec and spent $100k gold on gears for it. Thanks Blizz

you are fine unless you go for mdi pulls. a few large pulls like in other side will result in a lil less dmg for every destruction wl/ sv hunter outside mdi but other classes do less dmg beyond 8 targets aswell and most likely SV and destruction WL will still be doing a *filtered* load of dmg compared to other dd speccs in AoE . 

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On 4/15/2022 at 6:31 PM, Hyppocrates said:

Same day BM hunter and Feral druids probably.

So, before the Ret paladins ever get a buff is what you're saying?

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