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New Warrior, need help

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Hmm. Seems your log report is coming back with an error. I originally thought it was due to a "." at the end of your link but, even with that removed, it's still not working. Mind checking the link again?

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You should gem full crit on every socket except the head one.


Also the fusion-fire core is not good at all on almost any fights. You should look to replace it, even if it's with lfr trinket.


Also you've used 50 out of 68~ available Bloodthirsts.

You've also wasted 2 raging blow procs, but that can happen.

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The second link you provided did work. I'm still not sure what is going on with your first one, though. Odd.


Anyway... now that I have a working log to work from, I can get to your request. The first thing I'm going to do is go over your armory. With this being said, though, I fully realize your armory may be out of date as, since the maintenance on 7/22, it has yet to properly update.


I see you're using inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_06.jpgSkeer's Bloodsoaked Talisman and a inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_05.jpgFusion-Fire Core. For fury, these are not the trinkets to be using. As soon as possible, you need to replace them with inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_11.jpgEvil Eye of Galakras and inv_jewelry_orgrimmarraid_trinket_03.jpgThok's Tail Tip (or higher versions). SimulationCraft might even come out that the LFR versions of these trinkets would be better but that's a huge assumption I wouldn't go off of until I did run them through SimCraft.


I also ran you through Mr. Robot's default stat weights. There's not many recommendations here but to change the gems in your weapons and to reforge your cloak. I'd check your profile out when you get the chance. When you get into the higher item levels you'll be able, with SimCraft, to obtain custom stat weights and go outside of the default provided by Mr. Robot... but for now I would stick with them.




Now onto your combat analysis. For reference, I'll be reviewing your fight against Iron Juggernaut. I prefer this fight over Malkorok simply because all you have to do here is move out of stuff and you still get to beat on the boss. In Malk, you may have been responsible for getting in puddles which removes the "Patchwerk" approach to a log review.



Your fight was 5:44 in length (344 seconds). You had a potential capability of using BT a total of 76 times and you only used it 59 times. Missing one or two is explainable - you could've missed it getting knocked back in P2. Missing almost 17 of them is something to note. This directly effects your spell_shadow_unholyfrenzy.jpgEnrage up time, which was only 70.04%. Given you only have 32% Crit unbuffed, this could also play a factor.


ability_warrior_colossussmash.jpgColossus Smash:

With 17 uses available, you used it 16 times. This is pretty good, obviously.


warrior_talent_icon_stormbolt.jpgStorm Bolt:

You do not have any version of Evil Eye of Galarkas (linked above), so you won't be able to line up these inside each Colossus Smash window (which is preferred). This makes it a flat 30 second ability. In your fight that means 11 uses and you hit it 10 times. While this may seem good at the start, I want to note that you used them either before a CS window or after a CS window was over. Even without a EEoG, you still want these inside your CS window for maximum damage.


warrior_wild_strike.jpgRaging Blow:

You gained the buff 46 times and you used it 46 times. Coupled with the fact that they were inside your CS window, this is excellent. Naturally, with more BT uses you would've gotten more RB uses... which would've meant more damage. With what you had, though, none went to waste.



Again, this is an ability affected by EEoG. Without it, it's a flat 60 second ability and you hit all 5. In some fights it's saved for specific parts but, in IJ, you can use it after a CS burn window and you can use it to prevent getting knocked back in P2. Bottom line is you got the most use out of it that was available.


ability_criticalstrike.jpgRecklessness / warrior_skullbanner.jpgSkull Banner:

You used them both at the same time... both times they were available. That's the good news. SB, when multiple warriors are present, needs to be alternated and not stacked as the benefit from this ability is not stackable. Right at the pull all three of you used SB at the same time. Instead, it needs to be Warrior 1 -> 10 seconds -> Warrior 2 -> 10 seconds -> Warrior 3. This would've given 30 seconds of continuous benefit from SB instead of 2 banners being wasted.


ability_rogue_ambush.jpgHeroic Strike / spell_warrior_wildstrike.jpgWild Strike:

To put it simply, you spam HS inside your CS window and use WS as a rage dump or filler (outside of a CS burn phase) with ability_warrior_bloodsurge.jpgBloodsurge procs.


You have a lot of HS usage inside your CS windows and some outside. Your WS usage is minimal, only mainly lining up with your BS procs.


Outside of CS, your WS will do more damage so I would look to this as your rage dump instead of HS. If you're getting close to rage capped, and you have BS procs, you can use WS -> HS because WS is free and you still need to get rid of the rage.



Of the 7 times you used this ability, most were right in your CS burn phase. This is ideal. There's not really much I can say here but to remember, when you get your EEoG, to not forget your SB, too, even during the Execute Phase. Inside of a CS window, SB will do more damage than Execute more often than not.




The last thing I always go over in logs is your Rage gained / wasted. In this fight you had a raw gain of 2,495 rage and you wasted 133 of it. This is only 5.33% wasted and, frankly, that's exceptional. Most warriors tend to get lost in the fight and not realize they're capped in rage and, as a result, I've seen an average of 15% wasted but all the way up to 52% wasted! (Yeah....) - Anyway... you did extremely well; keep it up.




I hope this helps. If you should have any questions or concerns regarding my review do not hesitate to make them known.

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