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Basic TellMeWhen Setup - Destruction

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I've done a crazy thing and grabbed the TellMeWhen string from  Sparkuggz and put that into my setup.   While it looks very comprehensive and probably very well done it's just WAY to much for me.  


Can you point me to a TMW tutorial guide geared towards a destruction warlock that might also help me understand a little more instead of a massive string that I just can't get my head around? 


I'd really like to add 3 or 4 things at a time and really understand them and know why they're import and gradually build up from there.



Thanks again for all the great help from the IcyVeins community. 

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I don't use TMW, but the best thing to do is just look around (MMO probably has a thread for it like they do for WeakAuras) and just find a bunch of individual ones. Start grabbing a few at a time and look at copying and modifying them for the rest to learn to do it yourself. That's how I started learning WA.

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Hey grum,


I swapped over to Tellmewhen a few months ago and have really enjoyed the flexibility and intuitiveness of it.  This is what I have set up for my destro lock (both in combat and out).  If you have any questions or would like the strings, I'd be more than happy to provide them.


Also, here is a link to a basic Tellmewhen set-up guide on YouTube, not based on destro, but once you get the basics of the addon down its pretty easy to get what you want out of it.




If any other locks see something that may be missing or lacking on my UI, feel free to give critiques... I'm curious to see what others think of it.










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I think your UI is too spread out. You have icons spread out in two opposite corners, when it would be more efficient to group them together.

I have all my stuff centered around my cast bar which is just below my character's feet. This way I don't need to look away from the middle.

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For warlocks , and shadow priests, (feral druids) the add-on affdots can help you lighten a lot of the screen clutter. The add-on visibly tracks duration and accesses proc buffs and when would be the best time to refresh a spell (color change) to take advantage. Charges of Conflagrate and RoF show as well as Havoc and CoElements on the target in an adjustable easily readable block. At least check it out.


That said, I still use tellmewhen to show certain procs.


Besides buff tracking the best use of this add-on is looking at how you play and using the add-on to emphasize components you need to utilize more. Just an example: Shadow Burn (17877) set an icon to track when your target falls to <20% health and you have the resources to use the spell. The icon pops up to let you know to use now. (or it could shake or highlight etc.) Track boss debuffs you need to be particularly aware of, spells coming off cd (DS: Insanity), and in your face resource monitoring.


Most spell id's can be found by looking up the item, but beware not all are obvious. Some that might help MOP endgame for destroy locks:

Jade Spirit 194993

Essence of Yu'lon (Legendary dps Cloak) 146198

Toxic Power (shaman trink) 148996

Expanded Mind (Imm trink) 146046

Set bonus: Destructive influence 145075 Ember Master 145164

Tempus Regit 137590

Potion of Jade Serpent 105702


Time Warp/Bloodlust can be tracked under a meta icon

I suggest naming your groups as you add them.

The 'choose spell to check' box can contain a spell name OR an id number. If your trying to track multiple buffs from one proc use the specific id for each stat. (ex. an item can proc crit, mast, or hast, or all three the spell proc is the same name but using the ids will let you see which buff has proc'd and how long its active.)

Everything is enabled by default now but if something isn't working as planned be sure its enabled and active for that spec and role. 

Setup what makes gameplay easier and more efficient and add to it as you find a need. Other people's must haves can be dead useful but if YOU aren't comfortable with them it's just in the way. Hope this helps.



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