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Switching From Disc To Shadow

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It's a dreaded fix my crap post. 


My armory hasn't updated since the patch but hopefully this will suffice:



So to fit in better with our 10M SoO group I am switching to shadow and as a result of never raiding as dps I am a little lost. I have been using AMR to try and optimize my gear but AMR is suggesting that I change my shoulders from 2x 160 haste 160 spirit gems plus 120 intellect socket bonus to 2x 320 mastery gems no socket bonus. That trade-off seems silly but as it stands I am well above the hit-cap (although I don't think there is much I can do about that). Basically I want to know if my gemming is correct and if not what should I do.  


Secondly I could not find an accurate 5.4 stat weighting for shadow priest so I could try and figure this out on my own as most of the info on google pertained to 5.3 or earlier. So what are the weights of intellect, haste, mastery, and crit? 


Thirdly, when should clip my DoTs and when should I let them run to the last tick? I have the LMG, tailor cloak proc, Jade Spirit, and both of my trinkets have intellect procs. If I get one and re-DoT and then get two more procs instantly should I re-DoT again or no?


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"gnosis" and "shadow priest dot timers" add ons help too.


shadow priests benefit a lot from secondaries, so getting that spirit down should be #1 priority. you dont need the 4pc, but the 2pc makes your stat priority haste to 14.9k or 18.3k then crit = mastery.


you want PBI and Black Blood for trinkets.

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