General thoughts on Naxx expansion so far

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Just thought I would create a thread for everyone to discuss bits and pieces.


Personally I've been very impressed with what has been delivered so far.


I enjoy playing against AI (I feel it will be fairly challenging for the casual player) and the card rewards etc seem pretty balanced as wekk.


The class quests with pre-made decks where fun to play as well (especially as i hardly play druid or rogue decks at the moment).


I'm really looking forward to the rest of the quarters being unlocked.


Any negatives so far you think?


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I'm happy to see new cards and a solo play that is a little more challenging, but after a year with the same cards, I just don't see this as a big enough update on the core. 


I'm really wishing for a real 100+ cards expension that will shake the core of the game. 


These are fun, but will only slitghly affect the meta once everything is unveiled. 


And the Heroic boss are not really worth it. Just for a card back, these are more like puzzles than actual play of the game. 

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