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discussing Hunter BM - help guys.

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Hi guys, i play as Hunter BM since MoP, but recently im struggling to keep a good dps. 

i dont know why, but seens like the other classes have a substantial burst on dps with the 4 tier pieces, but i didn't get that burst. 

before the 4 tier pieces with 1 legendary i was getting 8~9 k dps overall on mitic+ and 7~9 k on raid bosses (SoD)
with 2 legendaries (without tier set) i got a upgrade to 9~11 k dps overall on mitic+ and 10~11k on raid bosses (The Sepulcher of the First Ones)

after get the 4 tier set pieces with 2 legendaries my dps still the same, and now is harder to maintein the same dps. 

i already made the change of talents using on lv 50 Assasin Naja but didn't work. 

can you guys help me to improve my dps. 

many thanks to you all. 

Link to my armory profile so you can see my gear and stats. 



Best Regards. 

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