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Dragonflight Expansion Announcement Memes

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The WoW community did not disappoint with the meme reactions to the Dragonflight announcement stream, as we have quite a few to take a look at!

We'll start at the beginning, as players settled on a reason why the Dragon Isles beacon was lit at this point in time:

"Never leave Azerothians unsupervised."

Source: Zezin96.

Alexstrasza was in focus in the reveal and players had a lot to say about her facial expression in particular. The first two panels of this meme were previously posted on their own, and in response to that, Fai5252 added the last one as the perfect rebuttal:

Source: Fai5252.

There are also those who are pretty worried about Alex and her fate in the expansion:

Source: Warped_Unicorn.

And a much more bleak vision of the same concern:

Source: Burn_The_Ships.

This one isn't particularly good, but the name is simplicity itself and really got me laughing:

"How To Train Your Dragonflight"

Source: wcn1997.

There are also nightmare scenarios already being contemplated related to the new talent trees:

""Bro, why aren't you interupting?" "Sorry, I didn't take that talent""

Source: Atheren.

Some players caught on to the REAL main feature/threat(?) of the expansion:

Source: ciusky93.

Source: Tokito_Jenkins.

There was even one for the (unfortunately overshadowed) WotLK Classic reveal (hint: top left):

"Lore accurate WOTLK Key art"

Source: Clockwork80.

Then we have some very well founded fears/predictions of launch day:

Source: LittleLittleG.

And while we've since learned that there will be other customization options including bulkier bodies, the initial reaction to the Dracthyr wasn't too hot:

"Don’t get me wrong, would die for our new scaleyebois, but c’mon…"

Source: orange_bandit.

"I knew I'd seen that look somewhere before!"

Source: Rasslo.

And then there's the real star of the reveal:

Source: Decrit.


Source: dorm_five.

"Protect stone bro"

Source: EatBaconDaily.

And finally, another simple yet perfect one:

Source: b33risgood.


There are many more memes and funny images out there so feel free to add your favorites down in the comments as we'd love to see more!

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Now the watcher Karinos need to constant yell "BOIII !!!!" and i am totally impressed and the irony would be he starts with a "K" too. I mean.... c'mon "Kratos" -> "Karinos" even if he is a stonewatcher he still got a badass beard somehow.



Lol at the Lizzard-Logo. Back in BfA we were joking around with exact that kind of stuff while running M+.

Edited by Baharok

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22 hours ago, Baharok said:

Now the watcher Karinos need to constant yell "BOIII !!!!" and i am totally impressed and the irony would be he starts with a "K" too. I mean.... c'mon "Kratos" -> "Karinos" even if he is a stonewatcher he still got a badass beard somehow.



Lol at the Lizzard-Logo. Back in BfA we were joking around with exact that kind of stuff while running M+.

(Gets in his Orc FDK Kratos lookalike xmog) I'll give him some pointers.

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