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SK Pieces to Stop Raiding and Retire From the Race to World First

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The long-time No.3 of the Race to World First, SK Pieces, has called it quits on the race and seemingly guild as well, as players were told that the guild would not be raiding anymore. After a grueling progress race in the Sepulcher and them stopping day raiding at a certain point, it seems it was all too much as we found out today:

The guild had just signed up with the SK organization before the Sepulcher race and finished in 4th place despite the difficult conditions and prolonged progress, so this does come as a bit of a shock. Here's what guild founder and organization CEO Luml had to say on the matter in a TwitLonger:

SK Pieces Disbanding

It saddens me to say after 10 + years of working for this guild to become the best it could be that I've decided that it's coming to an end.
The market has become very competitive when it comes to the amount of hours everyone from top to bottom has to put in, it's just no longer sustainable without sacrificing everything Irl.

I wanna thank everyone from the people that we're here in Cataclysm to the world first on Uu’nat to our short journey with SK gaming. You all touched my life and gave it meaning and I’ll be forever grateful for that.

Wherever all of you end up I’ll be cheering for you and who knows maybe we will meet under different circumstances in the future.

I’ll be taking a break and a few steps back to evaluate what I wanna do personally with my life. Maybe I’d be part of RWF in some other way on a smaller scale. The scene is growing and it’s an interesting landscape where some people finally get rewarded for their time and talent.

To Echo and Liquid I hope you kill it and bring the wow scene to new and greater heights.

The guild held many World 3rd endboss kills (Sanctum, Nathria, Ny'alotha), as well as win in the Crucible of Storms with a World First on Uu'nat, and have been around since 2010. We're sad to see them go and wish the players all the best.

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