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Confused about how to read "Gear and Stats Priorities"

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On all the build guides, I see this:


If you simply use the rolls below however, and roll for skill damage on the applicable pieces:

I'm a little confused about what this means. 

So for example looking at https://www.icy-veins.com/d3/barbarian-leveling-build-guide


Ancient Spear,  Hammer of the Ancients,  Whirlwind,  Seismic Slam on helms and boots;

And then

Head 1. Strength
2. Socket
3. Critical Hit Chance
4. Vitality or Skill Damage

It means that the "perfect" helm has +N strength, a socket, +X% crit chance and, say, Ancient Spear does +X% damage?


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Hello! You are reading it correctly - if a build used Ancient Spear as its main source of damage, the perfect helm would indeed look like: high Strength roll, Critical Hit Chance, Open Socket, +% Ancient Spear damage. Note that not all damage skills have their skill bonuses rolling on the same gear slots. For example, Ancient Spear and Hammer of the Ancients (among others) roll on Helms and Boots, while Rend and Furious Charge (among others) roll on Shoulders and Chests. The endgame guides have very particular stat roll recommendation tables in their Gear pages, so you will always have a definitive item rolls chart to refer to.

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