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MW Haste caps.

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I'm taking my MW monk back to action (Got used to some BM), so I'm following the precious bits of advice that I got from here some time ago. Thing is, I got some new gear and I have some doubts on how usefull it'll be to try to reach a new haste cap (49,98%) and losing about 5% of crit or should I keep my haste at 38,94% and hold my crit at 40%. Thanks in advance, my char is http://us.battle.net/wow/pt/character/nemesis/Rhee/advanced

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For future reference, it's generally (?) accepted that a nice place to be is 50.04% haste (12154 rating in Tiger Stance, rather than 12138) and there are plenty of complicated reasons why.  Half the time it's not even a conscious decision because the caps are so close, but it's nice to know the fine details of SooM and haste.

In terms of when you should go up a cap, I agree you should stay on 9158 at the moment.  A nice benchmark for going up to the next cap is somewhere around where it's a "waste" not to (you can't get you haste lower than say 10k after you reforge out of all your spirit).  This will mean dropping ~1.5k crit to gain 3k "useful" haste (ie. to go up a breakpoint), instead of sitting on 1k "useless" haste.*


Gear wise, replacing your Seal of Eternal Sorrow with Malkorok's crit ring - or perhaps in the future once you have all items upgraded (yay valor grind) or get ahold of the heroic Prison of Pride - will make moving up a haste breakpoint a better idea.






*haste is of course never actually useless because RJW/SCK.

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