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New Balance Druid Help

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Hello, Icy Veins!


The Icy Veins community was able to help me by mastering my Elemental Shaman class, so I can only hope that y'all will be as helpful with trying to wrap my head around the Balance class.


I will provide a Flex fight of Paragons as that seems like a pretty idle fight in which I can cast frequently with little moment.

 It could be gear as well, but I feel like my numbers for being in the 530 iLvl range seem awfully nonexistant.


Any help would be thoroughly appreciated!





(as Lunareya)


Thanks for your help!


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Hello LittleDansonGuy :)


I'd like to say that you're doing quite good as a boomkin. I don't say that your rotation is perfect, there are more competent guys here who will point out your mistakes so you can fix it, but lets face obvious:

You don't have legendary gem.

You don't have legendary cloak.

You don't have 4-piece set.

You basically have only 1 trinket, which is good at scaling stats, but your gear provides very low of it.


Plus I stronly believe that low geared boomkin is just crappy. I've done gold CMs as boomkin but damn, i was more of a heal/cc/utility in my group than a dps... You need crit, lot's of it to do decent dps. I've got hunt alt which I play time to time. I've been doing same dps as I did with my boomkin while having -20 ilvl.. :) So part of your dps fixing is getting those gear milestones that I've mentioned.

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In addition to simply missing the big gear pieces pinkish mentioned, you have no heirloom or otherwise decent quality weapon, and you're missing most of your enchants and such. While I understand cutting corners financially for gear you fully intend to replace, it's something you want to do if you want to see quality numbers.

Boomkin at gear levels is weaker than desirable, but it's definitely doable and manageable.

I'm looking at Siegecrafter, and I,must sdeign a few things. First, you used Incarnation AFTER your opener, when you should be using it at the start. Your DoT uptimes could be a little better. But, your biggest issuevent causing your DPS to be so low for your gear is you're not cycling. You had a Nature's Grace uptime of just under 50% is very disappointing. The biggest key to Boomkin is to always be cycling eclipses. You can't afford to refresh your DoTs any more often than when they're about to fall off, and you can't afford to cast the wrong spell.

Looking more closely shows too much downtime not casting when you have to move. Even more so, you have several points, especially in the beginning, where you were casting the wrong spell (Wrath before reaching Solar, etc.). This is the kind of thing you can't afford to do. Make sure you can clearly see your in your UI your energy and your remaining DoT times.

If you can fix these critical areas of your play, your DPS will double.

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