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Kul Tiras race quests, completely lost.

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I really wanted to unlock the Kul Tiras race but I'm lost, really lost.

I did all the storyline chapters for each zone, I got the Pride of Kul Tiras achievement, I virtually leveled up from 1-50 in this expansion.
Nowhere can I find the start for the Tides of Vengeance questline to complete what I need.
Its not offered anywhere.

I thought maybe after finishing the Pride of Kul Tiras questline I'd go straight into it, but no. 

Every guide saids go to the ship in Kul Tiras harbour and start it there.
The npc I need to speak to doesnt give me anything to start the first quest of with, I dont get to deliver anything to Jaina.

Now I've hit level 50 everything has changed to Shadowlands.
I cant go back to Chromie and go back to the timeline.
My storyline now at the top of my quest log is now Shadowlands.

I thought I may have to complete the dungeon I'm given to do after finishing the Pride of Kul Tiras achievement but the only dungeons I have access to now is Shadowlands ones.

So I have no idea how to go back and start the Tides of Vengeance with my level 51 Shaman.
Its just vanished. 

Any help here would be really appreciated.

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Have you finished A Nation United and the Ready for War campaign? cant really remember the details but the flow is to finish all the main quest in each zone of Kul Tiras  and then you have to fight Lady Ashvane (which is a dungeon quest), after that you will infiltrate Zala'mar and start the war (Tides of Vengeance campaign)

As I remember, to start the Tides of Vengeance questline, you have to finish Ready for War campaign first.

Also there is a some requirement in reputation with the 7th Legion when you proceed the Tides of Vengeance questline

(Not sure the rep requirement still applies to current patch or not, coz I unlocked the race during BFA)

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