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Can we get a rewrite?

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The Frost DK rotation summary (the numbered listed) is missing items from the "clarity" narrative (those are 'air quotes' there) that follows.

I'm not understanding how it's even possible to make a six-item rotation this incomprehensible.

Pillar of Frost when? Do I open with it? Do I do it after the first .....

Seriously, this is just abysmal writing. If you guys want to be the "go to source" for this sort of thing you really need to edit your authors a little better.

Follow the "rotation during Obliteration priority" (below).

There IS no "rotation during Obliteration priority" section, below or anywhere.

Please, for the love of all that's Holy (or Unholy, or Frost (I guess)), find someone who passed 9th grade English to rewrite this in some language other than Gibberish.

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