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Legacy of Dreams Alternative Witch Doctor Build

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Hey whats up, I don't see many people play or post any more so IDK if anyone will see this, but I wanted to do something on this because, Well I just do.  I hope I did all of this corrdctly and it's okay that I did it this way, however, if not please let me know what I need to ammend.

[B]So here is my links and info:[/B]

Shoulders: Mantle Of Channeling
Helm: Mask of Jeram
Chest: Tal-Rasha
Legs: Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan
Bracers: Lakumbas Ornament
Gloves: Tasker and Theo
Belt: Witching Hour
Boots: Ice Climbers
Weapon: The Barber
Offhand: Shukranis Triumph
Rings: Ring of Emptiness/short mans finger
Necklace: Squirts Amulet

*Legacy of Dreams
*Bane of the Trapped

Gazing Demise
Frost Burn 
Convention of Elements

[B]Some swaps possibly:[/B]

I use Tal-Rasha Armor (for the damage) This can be swapped to Aquilla to have a more tanky build.
I use Shukranis offhand (again for damage and speed) This is swapped for Spite on higher levels if needed. (This makes pretty much everything Perma Freeze because their reach is wide and Spirit Barrage is already cold damage)
I use mantle of channeling (waiting to swap for skeleton king pauldrons)
I use withching hour for damage but it could be swapped for Hwoj Wrap for extra crowd control at higher levels, (This also would proc the Bane of the Trapped)
I use Frost Burn in cube, but realistically this could be swapped out for any number of things)

*Note Wormwood DOES count as hitting a monster so it will NOT work with Shukranis correctly, that's why I do not use it.

Left Click: Locust Swarm/ Pestilence
Right Click: Spirit Barrage/ Manitou
Hotkey 1: Spirit Walk/ Jaunt
Hotkey 2: Soul Harvest/ Languish
Hotkey 3: Gargantuan/ Restless Giant 
Hotkey 4: Piranhas/ Piranhado 

Pierce the Veil
Confidence Ritual
Midnight Feast
Grave Injustice

[B]Some Swaps possibly:[/B] 
Swap Pierce the veil to Swampland Attunement
Swap Confidence Ritual to Gruesome Feast.

Watch the video to see how the build plays, but I'll slightly explain it.  (Rift Level is 90)

Raise your Gargantuan, Rush in to monsters and buff up with Soul Harvest (hope to get 5 stack). Cast Locust Swarm to prime them, Cast Spirit Barrage 3x to start the Damage Ticker (You may have out 3 phantasms at a time. ) , use spirit walk, Cast Prianhado to group all Elites, together. By this time you should have had those spirit barrages going crazy filling up with damage, if your Gargantuan has not killed the elite yet, cast Spirit Barrage 3x and Explode what you can for that (400-500% Damage as when you cast the 3x new phantasms they call out the other 3 to "Stop" casting). If you killed the Elites then your cooldown on Spirit walk will have reset, so Jaunt away to next Elites. 

*Note Locust swarm is on Left click so that way you can cast as you run into the pack because the spells have to be cast fast in order or you will find yourself at the mercy of the cooldown gods.  If you build and play it correctly, then you should not run out of mana, but if you have a problem with mana then swap out pierce the veil for Gruesome Feast. (It will lower casting cost by 30%, and Damage by 20% but you'll still have damage buffs from the passive.)

The top spots on the Greater rift for no six piece set are always the Fetish build, so my goal is to create a comparable build. Last season I managed to get to 123 with just straight Gargantuan build, so this season I've added on the spirit Barrage to see how well it does. Any suggestions etc, are appreciated and welcome.

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Well, apparently I did not format this correctly, however, I hope that does not detract from my goals with this post. 


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