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Trying Balance in Resto gear

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Hello guys



Well, besides maining frost mage, i also been playing a lot as a restoration druid, doing regular SoO normal runs. I read the IV guide for resto and i gemmed/enchanted gear etc as suggested. Turns out i wanna try going balance for OS, since I'm kinda tired of feral and i tryied guardian but suck at tanking tongue.png    Well question is, is it viable by any means attempting to go Balace on my fully gemmed/enchanted resto gear, since the stat priorities of both specs are the complete oposite (resto-haste, boomkin-crit etc). I tried to reforge the spirit of most items into haste/mastery for restoration purposes (thus leaving crit unreforged for balance) but that is pretty much all i can do get some extra crit for boomkin....


Here is my armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/quelthalas/Lucr%C3%A9cia/simple


with this i get about 22% crit unbuffed (the only diference to healer gear the BBoY changes to Blackfuse healer trink), is that enough to attempt boomkin os is it too low crit? I also dropped to about 11,5K spirit unflasked, wich idk if its to low for proper resto (note i always use spirit flask, but my mana management as resto is quite bad...)


Btw, Im not used to boomkin rotation, besides reading the IV guide, but with the above mentioned gear and trying to mash the correct buttons (and failing hard at it tongue.png) i get about 160k dps on training dummies (with like a 230K burst, if u can call that a burst) wich is quite terrible for 564 il gear, even if its not nearly even close to being balance optimised.


Well just wen crazy and replaced helm with another non-upgraded version of the same one that i hapen to have and put a spirit/crit gem in blue slot and bought the burning primal diamond meta gem. Lost 2 il but got a bit more crit and a non-healer meta gem :p


Ty in advance for any answers smile.png

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A few things...


First, you're asking if a spec that is incredibly dependent on a particular stat to function will function with everything but that stat. The answer is that while I'm sure there's some god-like level of stars-aligning RNG where everything crits that would allow you to do this, the realistic answer is that you'll never do even passably well by most group's standards that way. Resto goes way past the GCD cap for boomkin as far as haste is concerned. Mastery is good, but the fact that you don't have crit means you're going to be completely starved for SS procs, which means lower DPS overall as well as not being able to cycle quickly enough, so you're going to simply lose out on a lot. At 564, boomkin should easily have its 10k haste and somewhere around 15k crit with however much leftover in mastery (probably around 5-7k).


Don't use spirit flasks. Reforge some extra spirit and use an int flask. It's better point-for-point. 11.5k using Siegecrafter trinket is enough spirit to heal anything you want to heal.


Never focus on the specific number of how much DPS you do. Focus on where that is compared to what you COULD be doing, given that amount of RNG. Focus on looking through logs and evaluating what you're doing wrong and what you're doing right (see my guide on self-evaluation of boomkin logs here in our forums). It's not, "oh, well I did 400k DPS on Malkorok at 576 item level," that you want to look at. You want to focus on, "oh, I had great DoT uptimes, good CD usage, great SS usage, and my NG uptime was through the roof, so the most I could have done to play this better would have maybe pushed me from 400k to 410k." That's what you want to be able to say to yourself, but realistically you're going to be going through and seeing a lot of errors and you just say, "okay, when I  let NG fall off for a few seconds there for accidentally casting Wrath instead of Starfire, how much did I really screw myself and what can I do to avoid that in the future?"


The sad fact of the matter is that if you want to do resto/boomkin for MS/OS, you either need to carry two separate sets of gear (which you'll need to partially do anyway for tier pieces), or carry a ton of gems on you to swap out any time you're going to change specs, as well as drop a lot of gold reforging every time you change as well. The bright side to this is that a lot of the earlier drops in SoO for int leather have crit on them, so putting together a boomkin set isn't that bad. Plus, when you replace something for resto, you can often recycle the old gear into your boomkin set (it's OS, afterall) if it's better. That's actually how I built my boomkin set: I quickly started getting a lot of spirit/crit stuff for resto, and then I started quickly replacing it all with better-itemized gear, so several pieces got moved over to the other set. The hardest part was getting proper trinkets (I lucked out on tier since we got 3 or 4 vanq tokens a week for a couple weeks in a row with only me and our decked out bear on the token).  

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