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Demon Hunter Defense Bonus Question

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Hi, I am using Embodiment of the Marauder build with cluster arrow and in the cube I am

using Zoey's Secret belt for extra defense and the belt states that you get 9% defense bonus

for every companion that you have so in an attempt to get more defense I have put the Nagelring

onto my follower which summons a Fallen Lunatic every 10 seconds until you have 4 of them plus

I have all my pets the wolf and the crow and all that but my question is, do I get the defense bonus

from the Nagelring if my follower is wearing it and does the Fallen Lunatic count as a companion?

thanks in advance 😊.

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As you've said yourself, Zoey's Secret provides bonuses based on companions, which are different than pets. In this context, it is based on the companions you summon: the bat, spider, raven, boar, wolf, etc. Nagelring's fallen lunatics won't add any interaction to this.


What does interact with Zoey's Secret is Cloak of Garwulf if you can find it. It summons additional wolves to your side, and each additional wolf adds further damage reduction from Zoey's. This would require wearing Zoey's and cubing Garwulf though.

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Thanks man 😁 that's an interesting reply but I think you are right I wouldn't want to sacrifice my

other gear to put it on, but that is cool, I never knew about Cloak of Garwulf. And I understand now

that the word companion means the companion ability so it applies for all the companions that you

get with the companion ability. cool thanks again 😊.

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