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[HELP]DPS as Protection Warrior

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Hi Guys,


I desperately need your help, I have played warrior for some time and decided to play this last patch the tank, read the entire guide, preocurando something that could tell me how to improve my DPS and tank warrior, I always talk to all warrior tank hits much, but I can not somehow improve my dps. I have a friend who replaced me in some raids and dps it was almost double that in most of my fights, below is a log of the last kills you did I hope you can help me.





PS: sorry for my english i use a translator to write this text.



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I'm going to be looking at Iron Juggernaut and Malkorok in order to assess your cooldown usage and rage use. I know you're specifically asking for DPS help, but your use of active mitigation and your cooldowns has a huge impact on your DPS.


Iron Juggernaut:

Fight Length: 5:05


Shield Wall (Muralha de Escudos): 2

Last Stand (Último Recurso) : 2

Demoralizing Shout (Brado Desmoralizador): 4

Stormbolt (Seta Tempestuosa): 4

Bladestorm (Tornado de Aço): 1

Recklessness (Temeridade): 2

t2 Talent : 3

t5 Talent: 0

Trinket: 3

Thunder Clap (Trovoada): 7


Here is a large part of the reason behind your poor performance. Your talent choices are bad. Protection warriors should never be taking Stormbolt. It hits for just over twice Devastate's damage and Devastate's damage is pathetic. When you use Stormbolt, you waste not only the damage you could be getting out of Bloodbath, but also a global cooldown (GCD) every time you use it. It's all-around an extremely poor talent for Protection. You were also using Bladestorm, which should never be used on a single target fight for Protection. On top of that, you didn't use your Tier 4 and 6 talents nearly often enough. I also see seven uses of Thunder Clap. Don't do that in a single target fight. The logs show your cotank is a Paladin and they apply the Weakened Blows debuff as part of their single target rotation. You're losing out on damage and rage generation by using Thunder Clap when Weakened Blows is already on the target.


I see that you're using Thok's Tail Tip. Replace it with the Curse of Hubris. 3% haste does nothing, 3%mastery is lackluster, and 3% crit damage is not as useful as it might seem. Also, the strength proc is pathetic. It's giving you roughly 10.000 attack power out of the 200.000 or more that you already have from Vengeance. The effect is unnoticeable.



Shield Block (Levantar Escudo) uptime: 7.86%

Shield Barrier (Barreira de Escudos) uses: 19

Shield Barrier (Barreira de Escudos) avg size: 350.000

Shield Barrier (Barreira de Escudos) overhealing: 0.45%


Juggernaut is a largely magic-based fight, but until you have 3 stacks or so (depending on what your healers can handle), you'll want to be using Shield Block over Shield Barrier. Shield Block, with the Glyph of Heavy Repercussions, makes your Shield Slam hit much harder and gives you a massive chunk of damage. Even if you were using exclusively Shield Barrier when tanking, you should still have a higher uptime on Shield Block than 7%. If you aren't tanking and have no stacks, then you should be using Shield Block to buff your Shield Slams. When you first start tanking, you're taking more melee damage than magic, so you should be using Shield Block to buff your Shield Slams.


Good work with your overhealing, though. Less than 1% is very good and shows that you made good use of your Shield Barriers.


Rage Use:

Whoever was logging did not have Advanced Combat Logging on, so I can't see your exact rage use. If you can, ask him or her to turn it on next time. Rage use is very important. That said, I'm going to do some math to get a basic idea of your rage use.


Rage gained: 1845 (ROUGHLY, I had to make some assumptions)

Rage used on DPS: 120

Rage used on mitigation/healing: 1380 (ROUGHLY, I assumed every Shield Barrier was used with 60 rage, which is not likely to be true)

Rage wasted raw: 345 (minimum, due to assumptions)

Rage wasted %: 18.70% (minimum)


You had 8 Ultimatum procs and used only 6. Make sure you're using all of your procs.


Your rage waste is another large factor in your low DPS. Every point of rage you waste is damage or mitigation lost. More likely, it is both. Make sure you are never capping your rage. Use your active mitigation or a Heroic Strike if your next Revenge or Shield Slam will cap your rage. Make sure you have either Shield Block or Shield Barrier up before using Heroic Strike to dump rage.


I don't have an armory link for you, but it's likely that you're using Glyph of Unending Rage. I really dislike that glyph. Every time I have seen someone using it, they have massive rage waste because they are hoarding their rage. It also doesn't provide you any benefit. You do not need a 120 rage pool. It does not give you more survivability OR DPS. I recommend Glyph of Incite. It gives you three free Heroic Strikes when using Demoralizing Shout, which gives a nice little damage boost. If you aren't using Glyph of Heavy Repercussions and Glyph of Hold the Line, those are critical. Get them.





I'm seeing the same patterns here that I outlined before, so I'm not going to do a full review. One thing to point out is that your Shield Block uptime is even worse. This is a melee-heavy fight. You should not be prioritizing Shield Barrier over Shield Block at all. Make sure for melee heavy fights (which is almost every fight in Siege of Orgrimmar) that you're prioritizing Shield Block. Your damage intake will be smoother and you'll get massively more damage.

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Well... You are saying he don´t use Shield Block as much as he should since its mostly melee fights.

I don´t have problem at all tanking normals ilvl 557. Avoidance build.


I rarely use shield block.. Shield barrier up at all times mostly. 

And all videos i check with prot warrs doing normals i rarely see shield blocks there either.


So is it even worth using SB exept when you want to boost some dmg from shield slams ?


I heard the " use shield block for melee and barrier for magic " statement at sites and start. but looking at hardcore players and even normal ones.. barrier seems the way to go.. 


Any thoughts on this ?

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I honestly don't know what you're talking about or who you're watching. It is most definitely worthwhile to use Shield Block as active mitigation. It is the primary smoothing tool that we have, which gives it an immense strength on its own. Most healers can manage heavy damage, as long as it isn't spiky. Further, having a "high uptime" on Shield Barrier is unlikely. If you do have a high uptime, then your Shield Barriers aren't being efficiently used, leading to high overhealing and overhealing is wasting rage. Then, since it is unlikely that you're able to cover yourself 100% of the time, you go from taking 0 damage to taking full damage spikes until you can get another barrier up.


Exclusively spamming one type of mitigation, whether Shield Block or Shield Barrier, is poor play. The choice between the two is dynamic and situational. In the current tier, you can have a high uptime on Shield Block and layer Shield Barriers, which allows for the smoothness of Block with the total damage reduction of Barrier.



but looking at hardcore players and even normal ones.. barrier seems the way to go..


I really don't know who you're talking about with this statement. If you're looking for hardcore players, I could be considered one. I'm the main tank and fledgling raid leader of <LA>, the US 23rd 25 man guild. Beyond that, I don't know what your justification for saying "Barrier is the way to go" is.


My Garrosh logs for this week.

My Iron Juggernaut logs for this week. *

My Malkorok logs for this week. *


*Ignore the trinket, it was an experiment.


Take a look at my Shield Block vs Shield Barrier use. My choice is active and dynamic and entirely depends on my incoming damage. By making a choice between Barrier and Block every time I use my active mitigation, I have a smoother, more manageable damage intake as well as more damage output while having the choice of Shield Barrier allows me to avoid high damage.

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