Curse of Naxx Heroic, Beat Heigan on 1st attempt, no Legendaries!

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Hi all. After exploring a Mage and Roar Druid deck here is a Roar/Ramp Druid Deck I put together which beat Heigan easily (I still had 18 health left at end) the first time I used it:

Innervate x 2

Mark of the Wild x 2

Wild Growth x 2

Nerubian Egg x 2

Mark of Nature x 1

Stoneskin Gargoyle x 2

Swipe x 2

Keeper of the Grove x 1

Starfall x 1

Druid of the Claw x 2

Sludge Belcher x 2

Force of Nature x 2

Starfire x 2

Boulderfist Ogre x 2

Maexxna x 1

Sylvanus Windrunner x 1

Ironbark Protector x 2

Ysera x 1


I didn't actually draw Maexxna, Ysera or Sylvanus so no Legendaries are actually needed and I would replace with another Starfall or beefy minions (War Golem etc). Just park your Stoneskins, Nerubians etc etc on the left, clear the board when can, then big minions finish the job.


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