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Warrior Tank Logs Analysis

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I'm going to look at Iron Juggernaut and Malkorok to start out with.


Iron Juggernaut:

Fight Length: 4:47


Shield Wall: 0

Last Stand: 0

Demo Shout: 1

Stormbolt: 1

Dragon Roar: 2

Reck: 1

Skull Banner: 2

t2 Talent: 3

t5 Talent: 0

Trinket: 4


Your CD usage needs significant work. You need to be using Shield Wall, Last Stand, and Demoralizing Shout to manage your damage intake. Even though you have the content on farm, intelligent CD usage benefits you by forming good habits as well as making you less vulnerable to unusual raid-wide mistakes.


Your DPS CD usage also needs quite a bit of attention. Stormbolt is a poor choice for prot warriors and you also only used it once. You used Dragon Roar only once as well and you didn't stack Skull Banner and Recklessness. Your trinket uses are fine, though.



SBlk uptime: 22.93%

SBar uses: 23

SBar avg size: 211k

SBar overhealing: 18.93%


Your SBlk uptime seems fine, given the nature of the fight. It's good to see that you're prioritizing SBar, but still using SBlk when the magic damage isn't as high. However, your SBar average size seems low and your overhealing is very high. The formula for SBar is basically 1.8*Vengeance (it's slightly more complex than that, but that works well enough). Looking at the graph of your AP over the course of the fight, you were generally in the 150k-200k range, so I'd expect your SBars to be around 270k or so. Given that, it seems like you're not using SBar with 60 rage. Your overhealing is likely due to overwriting your SBars when you still have some of the absorb left. Make sure you're waiting until you have 60 rage and also making sure that your last SBar has been fully used before using another.

Rage Use:

Rage gained: 1995

Rage used on DPS: 90

Rage used on mitigation/healing: 1904

Rage wasted raw: 1

Rage wasted %: 0.05%


You had 13 Ultimatum procs and 11 Heroic Strike uses. Make sure you're using all of your free HSs. Outside of that, you have probably the least rage waste I've ever seen when doing these analyses for others. Good work.


Avoidable Damage:

Borer Drill Ticks: 40


You had a lot of ticks of Borer Drill. Make sure you're moving out of that and giving your healers a break.



Fight Length: 4:33


Shield Wall: 1

Last Stand: 1

Demo Shout: 1

Stormbolt: 2

Dragon Roar: 2

Reck: 2

Skull Banner: 2

t2 Talent: 3

t5 Talent: 1

Trinket: 0


Your CD usage is a bit better here, but you still need to work on it. You shouldn't be using your defensives on CD, but they should still see prety frequent use. As your stacks are building, make sure you're using CDs to help your healers out. On this fight, you can also use your CDs in an attempt to live through puddles not getting soaked.


Stormbolt's still pretty bad. It's basically 2x Devastate and Devastate hits like a wet noodle. They were giving you 230k per use. If you had been using it on CD, you would have gotten just shy of 460k extra per minute, but it would have cost you two GCDs. If those GCDs you missed out on were Devastates, then Stormbolt is really only giving you about  230k per minute. If you had been using Bloodbath and Dragon Roar, and you used Dragon Roar and Shield Slam in the two GCDs after activating Bloodbath and they both hit for 1 million, you would have gotten 600k extra damage alone. That's not counting what you'd be getting from the rest of Bloodbath's duration, that's just the first three seconds.


SBlk uptime: 39.57%

SBar uses: 15

SBar avg size: 258k

SBar overhealing: 32.09%


Using SBar on this fight can be a bit weird. Smaller shields are always used before larger shields, regardless of duration. So if your Malk shield is steady at, say, 30% of your health, then it is very unlikely that your Shield Barrier is going to get used at all. Things like that may be a part of why your SBar overhealing is so high. Ideally, I'd like to see your SBlk uptime more in the 50%+ range.

Rage Use:

Rage gained: 2035

Rage used on DPS: 180

Rage used on mitigation/healing: 1767

Rage wasted raw: 88

Rage wasted %: 4.32%


Your rage use wasn't quite as good on this fight. Feel free to use Heroic Strike to dump rage if your next Shield Slam/Revenge/Devastate has a chance at capping your rage and you already have active mitigation up.


Avoidable Damage:

Arcing Smash Hits: 0

Essence of Y'Shraaj Hits (from hitting a coalesced corruption): 7

Breath of Y'Shraaj Hits: 0


If you're not intentionally soaking the Coalesced Corruptions, make sure to keep an eye out for them when you're tanking.




Your rage use is generally good, but zero rage waste would be best. Don't be afraid to use rage for DPS to avoid wasting rage. Also, keep a sharp eye on your CDs and make sure you're using them. Trade Stormbolt for Bloodbath or Avatar, though Bloodbath is what I'd recommend.


I'm guessing you're using Unending Rage, but I'd recommend Incite for the free, easy damage boost. It requires a bit more attention to keep from capping your rage, but I believe that you can do it. Unending Rage doesn't provide any real, direct benefit.

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Thanks for the quick response smile.png,

I'll do some flex runs if i get to play the game anytime soon, just to practise CD usage. Do you think that an encounter exists where Avatar > Bloodbath? Concerning the Glyph of Incite: Im definitely going to test it soon but i fear that im going to have Issues with ragecapping because of Ultimatum/Incite Procs or have to overheal with shieldbarriers so i dont cap.

I'll try to upload logs next time im going to kill Jugg for comparison and hope you can look over them too .

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I can consistently keep my rage waste sub 1% (usually more in the 0.250% range) and I use Incite. It takes practice, but it's entirely doable. The three charges last long enough that even if you have Ultimatum procs, you'll be able to use all of your free HSs easily.


Avatar is able to outperform Bloodbath on Paragons if you are the one with Rik'kal's buff. If you use Avatar before turning into a scorpion, you'll still benefit from the damage boost, but you won't get Bloodbath's bleed. Avatar would also do better in situations where you need high burst, particularly where you'd need to burst down adds that wouldn't live long enough for Bloodbath to be beneficial. What makes it weaker on Siegecrafter is the length of the CD. Using Bloodbath on the fight before Death From Above will allow you to take out the add within 3 GCDs after Death From Above, even in low (565ish) gear on heroic.

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