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Guest update please

I ask for updating for new legendary gems, new set Banquet of Eyes and cursed items

it makes so much for this class

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Guest Kazzerith

Not sure how out of date this is, but the build setups here are missing key gems, legendary essenses, green sets, and an ability that drastically change how you want to build your char.  For instance, in pvp the hardest hitting single target and aoe ability seems to be one and the same;  teleport with rift dancer's stride pants.  With modest 1500 reso pre expansion I was landing 150k crits on similarly geared players.  Now can crit upwards of 180k, and if 2 or 3 enemy players are bunched up, I hit all of them for that, and instantly stun with molten scorch helm, or run the helm that causes you to become invisible for a few seconds after teleporting, leaving behind a clone that shares your incoming dmg for a while. Paired with dmg immunity stacks from hailstone offhander, gladiator's dmg immunity, and the aoe stun ability we just got with last patch, when the stars align you can one shot 2 or 3 players of a 4 man group in vault. Is tele-nuke build. Leaves you free to take gloomguides set, which buffs all dmg after using a dash ability (tele) increases crit chance 22 percent after a dash, and hits nearby enemenies for an aditional 30k+ dmg ability that also fears.
 Also, it's been pretty obvious, but some peole need this pointed out then it makes total sense.  With the way potency to resiliance and resiliance to potency work, your 2 most valuable stats in your paragon trees as well as horadrom points is armor pen and armor.   Unless you're gonna whale it up with literally SEVERAL thousands of dollars, you are NOT going to get within the 500 point thresh hold of a whale's pot / resil points.  For example, whale has 3k pot, you will need 2500 resil to even START to do any good at all    every point before that is a waste that could have gone into armor, which will mitigate dmg reguardless of thresh holdsk and armorpen.

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