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Updated: Patch 9.2.5 NA Launch Maintenance Extended... Again

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We're back with another delay, this time only an hour!


It seems we'll have to wait a bit more than previously announced for this week's NA maintenance to complete, as it's been extended another two hours from the already quite delayed 3 PM PDT previous schedule! 

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I am shocked......shocked.........nah, i am not...it always happens, its like they never test anything.

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1 hour ago, Lithari said:

I am shocked......shocked.........nah, i am not...it always happens, its like they never test anything.

This is the first time in quite a long while that maintenance has been extended...

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4 minutes ago, Calysia said:

This is the first time in quite a long while that maintenance has been extended...

I am basing it on all developers in general, people tend to tolerate it, so they never tend to try to prevent it.....just like small tiny DLCs that give very little, but cost £20+ it happens because alot of people tolerate it, some complain, but get told to shut up by the fanboys/fangirls. I am just playing until the sub runs out.....but will also stop when that stupid social contract goes live (which is tomorrow for the UK)...its the most silly thing blizzard has ever done.

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3 hours ago, Lithari said:

Its the sad fact of life now-a-days, they never see the truth even if its right in front of them, i mean when i played Wow, i never really thought about race, gender, sexuality or disability, never really mattered to me, i just played the game and grouped with anyone and if they were toxic A-Holes, i blocked them and moved on and by toxic i mean, cried like a spoiled brat because they died because they rushed ahead, pulled a pack of mobs while NOT being the tank......then died, then cried and then left........the healer said, 'you should have let the tank pull, i refuse to heal non-tank players when they pull a pack of enemies' and i agreed, but with this social contract, i bet it will get that healer reported for not catering to the spoiled player, you know that is how it will be used.

I wonder how many players are leaving because of this stupid social contract.

Race is just caveman snow visors in the case of asians and caveman sunscreen in the case of black people, and varying degrees with indians, native americans, and whites. Its just geographic adaptation that occurred when humans lacked technological adaptation. Its better defined as breed at most, as race is an unscientific concept that is clung to by collectivists on both sides and only worthy of derision and mockery as it is the least important thing about a person next to gender, which is literally just what genitals you have attached to your abdomen and at most affects your breast size unless you get enough estrogen in your diet - then you'll get boobs regardless. (maybe I should consume lots of estrogen and then swim to Three Mile Island to lose hair on my new breasts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ).

Also, its ironic that they are lecturing me on tolerating sexuality considering how much they tolerate the one I was born with, and my closest friend is gay. Oh yes, I said my closest friend is gay. I have a gay friend. I made that argument. Well does me calling him the f-bomb jokingly when he calls me a schitzo lose me that argument even further? Awesome. Great. I don't give a *filtered* and neither does he - and I care a great deal about a lot of things like the lives of children being bombed by the previous president and this one. About the trans people who are being groomed into coy eugenics with "the right" to have plastic put in place of working genitals, when technology should be able to give them full, working gonads that allow them to procreate as much as the left-wing fascists that pretend to give a *filtered* about them do. About gay people who got electro shock therapy, which was once a staple of treating people with Aspergers' like I was diagnosed with and abused by liberal feminist parents and their social contract-rationalized State over. And guess what? That was the norm. The mainstream. Just like those in WoW who are forcing us to sign this damn thing. 

Imagine how types like Steve Danuser and the dev who insisted that Finkle Einhorn is transphobic would've reacted to Mark Twain.


I'm not on the side of majority, therefore the word I'm described as is "toxic", and so be it.

Better to suffer and die alone then live in, and game with, such hateful company.

There may be plenty of things worth the cost of my life, but there is nothing worth the cost of my soul. That's something I, an atheist, understand more than those that constantly deride me as morally twisted and/or unspiritual ever will. And contrary to popular belief, and unlike the masses around me, I have not, and will not, sell my soul, morally-speaking, to anyone, or anything, ever, period.

So delude yourselves as hard as you hope that I delude myself, shills.

Delude yourselves that I'm the toxic and rude and hateful one. One day you'll pay for all the poison, abuse, and hate you shoved in my life and the lives of countless innocent men, women, and children, and no amount of Overton Window pushing, social manipulation, propaganda, gaslighting, projection, crazy-making, gods, governments, mobs, or any other manipulation of any kind will save you from the karma you tried to defer to me and countless others.

What hurts the most about this is that this was my 2nd favorite MMO, and its clearly going to be shut down once enough people quit. SJW's "Breaking the Internet" to impress KimK. A beautiful place that was far from a safe space, but still a haven regardless. A place to fly around and vent on bad guys with a longsword and cool powers. Now its a vandalized mess and a pathetic propaganda-filled warzone for ideologues who have as much of an actual life as they project on gamers as having. Who treat everyone who doesn't like a murderer and burner of women as "just like Afrasiabi".

And now those self-deluding psychopaths will be the only ones left playing until the game is shut down for lack of players, and all your hard-earned rewards, and mine, that we spent so much time and money on, will be unceremoniously deleted by those who project on us as having never built anything in our lives.

They are stealing from us while claiming our property as their own in the fine print of their Terms of Service, and they have the nerve to think we hate them because we're somehow bigots against trans people or gay people.

This is why I smirked when I went to call them "indian givers" years ago. They would respond by calling me a bigot, and thereby continue to get away with being indian givers who swindled us of our hard-earned rewards and what little money I get from their oh-so-benevolent State for the disability their fellow idelogues branded me with and chemically raped and abused me over as a child and into adulthood.

We're probably seeing the level of self-rationalization and dehumanization of victims in the minds of Blizzard employees that is present in Indian scam callers who steal from elderly women in the US and have the nerve to talk just as self-righteously when I am "toxic and rude" to them. The best thing to do is to stop giving the scammers money. Unfortunately, as I implied, there's a level of extortion in my own victimization by the scammers at Blizzard, so I will keep paying my monthly sub until Classic is walled off by this political buzzword-titled bull *filtered*. Thank you for doing what I couldn't. Have a good Night.

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