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Patch 9.2.5 Datamined Broadcast Text of Calia, Anduin, Sylvanas

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We've datamined a bunch of broadcast text between Calia Menethil and Lilian Voss, Sylvanas and Anduin, and more, in the latest Patch 9.2.5 PTR client. This post contains story spoilers.

Note that these come in no particular order.

Tyrande and the Winter Queen

  • Tyrande Whisperwind.
  • You came to my realm in pursuit of justice.
  • Did you find it?
  • I came here seeking vengeance.
  • But within these groves, and by the light of Elune, I found something I feared lost.
  • Hope.
  • And thanks to that choice, a sisters' bond once broken has been mended.
  • This tear was born of sorrow.
  • Now it shall become a vessel of renewal.
  • These souls were saved from the darkness of the Maw.
  • Unto them, I have offered eternal tranquility in the boughs of Ardenweald.
  • They have chosen instead to become part of a new beginning for their kin.
  • This seed embodies the cycle of death and life.
  • I offer it to you, Tyrande Whisperwind.
  • May it bring your people happiness and peace.
  • On behalf of all the kaldorei, I thank you.
  • Andu-falah-dor.

Anduin and Sylvanas

  • Why are you here, Anduin?
  • Your kingdom, and your friends, are awaiting your return.
  • My friends... the ones I almost killed... they believe my hands are clean.
  • But they don't feel clean.
  • It is perilous to confuse what you are made to do with what you choose to do.
  • How can I not when it all blurs together?
  • It was so horrific... and exhilarating.
  • And it sickens me to think that satisfaction... may have been mine.
  • Ah. So that's why you've come.
  • You fear you might not be who you thought you were.
  • I'm starting to wonder if I ever knew.
  • For the first time in my life...
  • I'm afraid if I call on the Light...
  • ...it won't answer.
  • If I've no trust in myself, how can I expect my kingdom to trust me?
  • To put their faith in me... when mine has faltered.
  • Must you bear that weight?
  • A king does not have a choice.
  • No choice?
  • I thought you believed in free will.
  • I need time to think.
  • About many things.
  • I have faced who I was, and accepted what I've done.
  • Now, the work begins.
  • Yes. It does.
  • Farewell, Sylvanas Windrunner.
  • Until our paths cross again.
  • Farewell... Little Lion.

Calia & Lilian Voss Conversation

  • Within this hall we shared ceremonies. Celebrations.
  • And tragedy.
  • I loved my family.
  • And on one fateful day, I lost them all.
  • Now, I am all that remains of the once-proud Menethil line.
  • The last heir to a legacy that ended in shame.
  • So you ran away from the pain.
  • I did too.
  • But it was only when I stopped running that I understood...
  • Those people out there... they're my family now.
  • But will they ever truly accept me?
  • Bearing a name forever stained by a brother's sins...
  • Just as these flagstones are stained by my father's blood.
  • We are all the same here, Calia.
  • Seeking our place, despite everything we've lost.
  • But it's a long road, and we will need your help.
  • Then... let us find our place together.
  • As Forsaken.

Conversation Between Jaina and Khadgar

This is most likely the "stay awhile and listen" conversation we previewed earlier between Jaina and Khadgar.

  • Anduin...
  • Hello, Jaina.
  • Khadgar! It's good to see you again. When we last parted, I regret that--
  • Those were perilous times. The Legion's attack, then the war... I think we both needed to find our own way through.
  • I have no hard feelings. Only friendship.
  • I feel the same. But surely you didn't come all the way to the Shadowlands just to find me.
  • No. For years I've read about this place in Medivh's books. I stood atop Karazhan and caught glimpses through the veil.
  • I suppose I wanted to gaze upon the realms of Death with mine own eyes before...
  • Is everything alright, Khadgar?
  • I feel the weight of years upon me, Jaina. The burdens carried. The choices made.
  • Hmph! Forgive the musings of an old man. I think I'll look around and see these Shadowlands a bit. See what wonders I can find.
  • I've heard tales of conniving brokers, a city of secrets, and a land of ancient knowledge. How intriguing!
  • Sounds like you'll be keeping busy! Just don't leave without saying goodbye. I've missed you, old friend.
  • Count on it, Jaina. Be seeing you.


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Been saying all along but no one believes me.. Sylvanas will be the next Ruler of the Horde loyalist in Dragon Isles... 


  • Haha 1

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