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Arena Rankings compared: Why these differences?

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I was looking over the Arena Rankings on this site, when I noticed a few differences in how specific neutral cards are ranked between classes. Some had extremely obvious reasons behind them, but a few have me stumped about what I'm overlooking. I was hoping that maybe I could get some clarification about the reasons for the differences of these three cards in particular:


Knife Juggler is ranked higher for Paladin and Warrior. Paladin's reasons are pretty obvious due to the hero power, but what synergy does Knife Juggler have with Warrior? Is this a mistake that was meant for Shaman due to its hero power acting similar to Paladin's, or is there actually some Warrior synergy that I'm missing?


Baron Geddon is ranked higher for Shaman, Priest, Rogue, Mage, and Hunter. I get that Priests can heal through their collateral damage, but what's the reason for the rest?


Illidan Stormrage is ranked higher for Shaman, Priest, and Rogue. I guess Rogues tend to run with 0-cost Backstabs, which can pop a free flame or two on the same turn that the card gets played. What makes the card more special for Shaman and Priest though?


Any insight is appreciated. Thanks a bunch!

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knife juggler is a great card to luck into getting a good minion behind taunts executable for a war. 

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