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Immerseus HC

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Hello. We have a problem with Immerseus HC. We had 30 wipes, and literally I have no idea what was wrong. First we have 2 healers, then changed to 3.. still wipes ._. Problem with stacks on tank? Or something else?

Well.. I have 12/14hc, and never had problem with this boss as dps. Now Im healer, and see 'big' problem smile.png

Logs: http://www.worldoflo...h5sfrojxjzz2hg/
The last 3-4 attempts were the best.
If you could give me some advice from our logs I would be happy.
Thanks smile.png

Also have a new logs from yesterday....

Im not amazing geared, like me 582mage, so could some1 check my logs as healer? :)

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   Its been so long since i have used world of logs, i don't think i'm optimally reviewing the logs. So if you want a better view from me, warcraft logs is the way to go. Anyways, two reason im seeing you guys wipe


   1. adds

   2. debuff


   Theres alot of melee dmg taken from the non-tanks. Are your tanks not picking up the adds? or are your dps not killing them? Depending on the positioning, maybe the you guys can run to the tank so they can grab aggro more easily.


   Some players are reaching more than the heal-able stacks of sha corruption. Usually 6stacks or more is detrimental (maybe 7+, i forgot). Track their debuff and you should be able to remind whoever has high stacks to stop attacking the boss(and dispel them).


   You have decent uptime on your buffs but it could be better. You're not using spirit shell much at all. During Swirl, try popping a personal on yourself (don't think you're using pain sup much either). And if possible put down a PW: Barrier and tell your raid members to run into it.




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Ok thanks, I'll try to improve my healing, and yes... we have some problems with our tanks (dps tanks is little too low for me, as  tank >_>). We're using md on tanks, and 1 tank is between us, so we're on tank...just need to use aoe spells

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