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Hello, warlocks of icy-veins, i've recently been getting into my warlock alt and i've really enjoyed it, almost more than my mage main :o .

So, barring immolate uptime, which I will be fixing(haven't really been focusing on my uptimes so far, just focusing on trying to get my CBs and stuff right). And of course getting the 4piece ASAP. Just curious on what I could be doing to maximize my DPS until I can get my cloak/meta and tier.

Also I have been reading up alot and it seems I have been opening incorrectly(which I will be changing next time I raid).



Immerseus 10n: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/vmhYMwNt8FcjDV6Z#fight=17

Protectors 10n: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/vmhYMwNt8FcjDV6Z#fight=18

Norushen 10n: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/vmhYMwNt8FcjDV6Z#fight=23

Sha 10n: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/vmhYMwNt8FcjDV6Z#

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I'm looking at your Sha parse.


Your Immolate uptime could be a little higher. Anything above 95% is Excellent. Anything above 90% is Passing. Anything under 90% (even as close as you are), is Needs Improvement. 


Your Chaos Bolt usage looks really solid, though. You want to start working on your opener a bit, though. It should look like this:


Pre-pot > (optional) Pre-cast Incinerate > Pop all CDs, cast Immolate > Curse of Elements (if no one else is covering for you) > Conflag > Conflag > Incinerate until two full embers and KTT procs > Chaos Bolt > Chaos Bolt > Immolate > regular rotation.


Your goal is to get two Chaos Bolts out during your opening KTT. You got lucky and had your PBI proc immediately, but put out your first Chaos Bolt before KTT even proc'd. Your second was in the middle of KTT. After it fell off, you got another proc right before PBI ran out, and then cast your third CB. You should have delayed the first and put out two during that first KTT, and you probably could have gotten one out right as PBI fell off (when the second KTT proc occurred) and a fourth before KTT wore off the second time.


Otherwise, your CB usage really is exactly what I hope to see when I open a log. Having a 1.2M average CB in a fight at 555 item level and no 4pc is pretty stellar.


The biggest area to work on is with Shadowburn. You only cast 8 during the fight, all when Sha was below 20%. There's many an opportunity to snipe adds with it and get yourself extra embers during the fight.


You're at the point where you just need to learn the minor finesse to some of the fights - you've got the core playstyle down very well.

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