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Need help with Lock in my Group

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Hey I was hoping some more experience locks could help me with this lock in my guild. He has been playing lock for a while and is sort of stubborn when I try to talk to him but I also do not have the knowledge to explain what he is doing wrong. 


Here is his bnet: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Maralygos/advanced


Also here is the logs of a normal SoO run we tried: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/pjyWzfHhktw8MvFc#


I wish I had more logs but we just started to record them since we are newly formed.


Thanks for any help you guys can offer.

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Usually when someone that's been doing something a long time is stubborn, it's because they think they're doing it completely right and there's nothing you can tell them that would be better; they're not looking to improve. He's not going to get better unless he wants to, unless you can bring him here to read whatever I'm about to write when I open that log to see that he's not playing nearly as perfectly as he thinks he is.


Hmmm... I guess doing normal modes with less stuff to worry about, and for not having another trinket, Archimonde's Darkness *could* be argued. Dark Regeneration is definitely the wrong talent to be used, though. I'm not sure what the point of him using Glyph of Fear is, since the only place in all of SoO where you'd want to use CC is the trash to Garrosh. Even then, there's generally enough from the rest of the raid. This could be better spent on Glyph of Healthstone, which is VASTLY superior to Siphon Life. I'd replace Glyph of Siphon Life with either Glyph of Havoc (for almost every fight except IJ and Malk) or Glyph of Soulstone.


But, to begin with: his gemming is entirely wrong. Gemming for int hasn't been the way to go in over a year. He should be gemming for mastery. Fractured for yellow slots, Sensei's for blue slots, and either Keen or Artful for red slots.Not having a meta gem, halfway decent weapon, or a second good trinket is going to hurt him, but we'll see what we have going on. The fact that he has his 4pc means we should at least be looking for that to be properly utilized.


Let's start with Iron Juggernaut.


Immolate uptime of 93.3% is good, but could be better. With no second trinket proc to occupy time with Chaos Bolt, there's really not much excuse for having Immolate ever fall off for this kind of single-target fight.


Seeing his Incinerate damage at almost double his Chaos Bolt damage is kind of terrifying, to be honest. Not having that second trinket does mean they'll be weaker on average than without, but it's still not something you want to see. Even more troubling is seeing an average Chaos Bolt in the 600k range at 546 item level.


And, here is why his average CB is so incredibly low; look at this graph. He's basically ignoring everything that makes CB hit harder. On top of the fact that his opener is completely off (which I'll get to), let's look at the 18 Chaos Bolts he casts throughout the 5:13 fight (which seems low, TBH, meaning that he's probably capping out on embers frequently).


He gets a 4p proc in the opener, and it fades before he's even popped DS (which he does right after that 4p proc falls off). He starts a Chaos Bolt cast with DS, and but breaks it off and doesn't cast it (which is bad juju). He doesn't actually cast his first Chaos Bolt until 30 seconds into the fight, which he times to go off AFTER losing his 4p proc (so instead of a +45% buff to that CB, he only gets +30%). He then chains another Chaos Bolt after it, and almost immediately gets his PBI proc as DS falls off. Then the throws out two more Chaos Bolts in quick succession. He lets the remaining 15 seconds of PBI go by, including proc'ing his 4p, without casting another Chaos Bolt.


If you've gotten lost, we're now 53 seconds into the fight, and he's cast 4 Chaos Bolts. He's DEFINITELY capping embers at some point in there. By this point into the fight, he should have at least had one more Chaos Bolt (maybe even two), with big buffs. He lets another 20 seconds go by before he gets a Chaos Bolt off. He dumps four (meaning he was ember capped) immediately during DS and then manages to get a fifth off during DS and 4p. Three more 4p procs (spread out in a way that means he absolutely capped out his embers on that third one) and a nearly a minute go by before he casts two more Chaos Bolts with no buffs whatsoever. Two more 4p procs, an entire PBI proc, and 40 more seconds go buy before he pops DS with a 4p proc and chains out 4 Chaos Bolts (again meaning he was ember capped). 30 seconds go buy before he dumps out a couple more with no buffs whatsoever.


I'm not even going to bother looking at his Shadowburn usage. His Immolate usage is all over the place. For a lot of it, it seems like he almost tries to not use it during a 4p proc.


Basically, your warlock is missing everything that makes playing destro playing destro. He's capping himself on embers repeatedly during the fight. He's not paying attention to any of the procs he has and is only seeming to care about using Chaos Bolt during Dark Soul or if he thinks about it, maybe, sometimes.


Your warlock needs to come here, himself, and read around our forums to learn how the spec actually works. Taking information back to him second hand isn't going to solve the problem at this point.


If he continues to be stubborn about working to improve, his DPS probably won't break 200k even if you throw an "BiS" suit of normal mode gear at him, and you'll probably end up needing to find another warlock. Not to be harsh, but that's just what it is.

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