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[Fire] Haste

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Wowowowowow hoooold your horses!

I assume you mean Haste and not spirit?

If you are still progressing and the dps of your raidgroup is not that high, I would recommend going Crit > haste > Mastery without breakpoints. Mastery is very good for shorter fights due to the power of combustion. 


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Always stack spirit! It's very important to not go oom and keep deepsing the boss!



Seriously now, from my experience (and it's not "be all you can be"), the difference between just reaching haste breakpoints and going full crit>haste>mastery is not that big at all. You just shift your damage from pyro to combustion (or the other way around).

Given that combustion is more subject to RNG swings your dps will jump around a bit more than going for the sure-way of pyros (which seems like RNG, but with their amount there's almost no RNG involved as it all averages out).

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