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Kanai Cube question

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Hello, I have a question for the Cube.

I had extractex the Power of a Legendary Item for the Wizard which would allow me to freely cast the tornado with amplified damage while channeling Icy ray or stuff like that.

Later in I round another Copy of the vert same Item with a different Power, which would let me freely cast any Power which comsumes arcane Power freely while channeling Icy ray, Disintegrate or stuff alike.

I think "cool! This Is way stronger, let's extract this, surely it will overwrite the older" but i found out that it won't per me extract that Power since I already extractex a Copy of that Item.

Here Is the question: Is there a way to overwrite an extracted Power? Am I dumb and missing something (which is quote possibile)?

Sorry for the long prologue but I wanted to provider context.

I play Diablo 3 Eternal Collection on Switch, fully updated.

Thanks for the attention :)

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