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Restodruid LF answers (HC Progressing)

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Currently progressing on Spoils.
1) Mana / trinkets: Always Prison as 1st trinket. I just got the HC Multistrike trinket and have earlier been using Normal WF Siegecrafter trinket. I run with 12.7k Spirit and the only bosses I am fully dry on mana by the end are Juggernaut and Malkorok, sometimes Norushen and Prots. 
At Juggernaut it mostly has to due with part of our DPS getting hit by Ricochet and Borer Drills way too much), and at Norushen it's more about knowing when the fight is over, and me blanketing people with Rejuvenation in the end just because I can. Malko is just a shitton of damage and I just pace my blanketing so as not to oom before he's down. Other bosses I finish with a third or more mana left usually. Sometimes I run dry on Protectors if we have multiple interrupt fails or a weird raid setup where we don't have immunities for Embodied Anguish and we kinda just heal-tank it on some beefier class. I track meta gem with Weak Auras and always spam-reju as much as I can during it's proc.
I could re-gem all spirit to Mastery (currently using a few hybrid Spi+Mastery\Spi+Haste gems just to grab the socket bonus and stay at haste softcap). Still, I think I'm better of having the socket bonuses? I like to have a bit of leeway with mana usage since our raid setups change a lot and some raids we have those guys who don't sit in Shaman nor Druid aoe rings. 
So the first question: Should I upgrade my Multistrike trinket next, to use when we have a more optimal raid setup since I think I'm good on my mana otherwise, and also for Dark Shamans where I soloheal upstairs - or upgrade other items first? Should I even use the Multistrike trinket at all?
2) Talents: I swap SotF for Force of Nature on Dark Shamans, since I prefer the added longer duration throughput on multiple targets (vs. SotF Wild Growth that's over quickly) when Miasma ticks are high and Falling Ashes is landing. I've tested Cenarion Ward instead of Ysera in this fight too, but it healed a shitton less than Ysera - I used it on CD to alleviate pain when Miasma reaches under 6s to its peak. I mainly have problems keeping our Paladin alive here, he seems to spike to 20% hp even with 2-3 stacks from Harom. Our DK pretty much just needs a Rejuvenation and a Swiftmend to top him if he has Miasma with 4-5 stacks. Can the tanks swap earlier than 5 stacks? Is the Pala tank doing something wrong? His healing is almost as high as the DKs but the spikes keep me sweating.
I always use Nature's Vigil, even tho I guess I could HotW Wrath spam on some bosses. I just don't feel comfortable dropping the added healing bonus which I pop during an oh-shit moment. Sometimes we have a more experienced Disc Priest with us on Shamans and we two-heal upstairs (with him alone downstairs), then I use Dream of Cenarius and just pretty much keep Reju+LB on miasma targets and spam away. Would HotW Wrath Spam do more DPS? The healing from Dream of Cenarius ends up being quite high so I haven't tested otherwise, my job is still to heal in the end.
I swap Feline\Displacer depending on encounter. I've been contemplating on grabbing Incarnation instead of SotF for the raids \ fights where I seem to go dry so I can abuse the LB on every member for free Regrowths thingy, but not sure if it's worthwhile on HC? Used to do this on Normal back when I had real shit gear.
3) Lifebloom usage
I don't feel like the tanks need the LB on Sha + a few other places and just keep it on myself \ let it drop pretty freely. I focus more on reju-blanketing and having 100% Harmony uptime. I think it's mostly active on myself or if we have the type of a player who is slow to react to the shit they stand on.
How do you guys operate with LB in HC?


4) Haste

I'm probably better of pushing my mastery as high as I can as I'm in the 13163 soft-cap? Been doing that, but have also been wondering should I try 18230? Has anyone ran higher haste than 13163?


edit: Shitton of typos

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Having some logs would help with me seeing what you're doing.


Your spirit looks fine, only go up a bit more if you have to, and id only go to 13.5k-14k max.  


I would upgrade the multistrike trinket last.  The proc is decent enough to keep but really the Thok and Seigecrafter are better (I prefer the cleave trinket)


Don't use Force of Nature.. It's just terrible, you'll get more healing with a SotF->Rejuv.  Are you 10 or 25?  In 10m I've been able to solo heal a paladin and a warrior upstairs pretty well.  It took me an attempt to get use.  Basically you want to time all your healing to happpen so they are topped off when the nature damage hits.  Use your mushroom and often, and you should be standing in it as well.  Mushroom is also useful for an "oh shit" moment cause it will pretty much top 3 people off instantly. 


For 25m, you should have 3 or so other healer with you and the same idea applies.  Just keep down your mushroom and keep them topped off. (don't use force of nature ever)


Generally, Nature's vigil is better for healing situations.  If you want the extra damage use HotW, but I personally like NV more and I've generally found that SotF is better than Inc.  Its just a matter of managing your mana or getting more spirit if you need it.


I always use displacer, but again thats preference.



For LB, I just keep it on a tank generally, not anything special.


For haste, 13k haste is always better than more mastery.  Once you're there, mastery is better.  I don't think 18k haste is feasible, or even worth it.

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Honestly, I'd toss the Multistrike trinket even if it were HWF vs. regular normal Siegecrafter/Thok's. It's just really weak by comparison.


Honestly, healing the top in 10-man as a resto druid sucks. It really does. It's straight up spikey tank healing. Our toolkit isn't designed for that at all. When I originally started doing everything on 10H, I was going through at 565 trying to do it. To be honest, I actually did give FoN a try simply because it's an on-demand button whereas using SotF wasn't really providing what I needed. I tried all sorts of things to make the square peg fit in the triangle hole. Now that everything is so heavily outgeared, it's probably very easy (we gave it a few tries and then switched me and our holy paladin so I was on bottom and put us where we were better suited). All I can say is keep a watchful eye on your 2pc procs since it'll provide you most of your quick, "sizable" heals to counter the spikiness of the damage being taken. Keep Rejuv going on both tanks and don't be afraid to pop a Genesis to get their health up. If you use Genesis on a Rejuv with the 100% haste from SotF, it's a MONSTER amount of healing in a short amount of time. Also, Ironbark is you friend if you don't think you're going to have their HP up in time.


Lifebloom should be kept up at all times. It's usually my #5 source of healing. Keep it on the tanks, regardless of whether they're taking a lot of damage. It's a light amount of healing, which is fine for light amounts of damage. It also really helps you manage your mana better by giving you procs. With Prison+Thok's, I've never needed more than 12k to handle any fight, even when I was coming in at much, much lower gear levels than what guilds still progressing are running with. Anytime there's heavy tank damage (and you could honestly do this for healing the tanks on Shamans, too), you can pop SotF on LB and fish for OoC procs that you can spend for free Regrowth. Regrowth's biggest problem is the mana it costs per second. Remove that, and it's a great spell for healing the tanks when you figure in the Living Seed proc.

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I would hold off upgrading the Nazgrim trinket and wait for Thok's to drop. The Thok trinket cleaves to 5 players so you have a chance for X heal to be X x 5. Nazgrim's trinket will just give a 1/3 boost to one heal on one player. I'm fairly comfortable with my spirit at 12k plus 2 innervates and a potion of focus on each fight, so the spirit on the Siegecrafter trinket is not attractive to me.


Sha does not seem to be a healing intensive fight. It's more about managing Pride and other mechanics. People do not need a lot of healing unless a Mocking Blast gets off. That being said, I really like the Sha fight & find druids really shine in it: Mushroom-efflorescence at the axe stack point, Displacer Beast to the prisons, Hurricane the adds.


I can't really see what's going on with your pally tank. Is he using damage to inflate his vengeance & pad the meters? Is he ret-tanking for more damage? Is he timing his DR cd's? There's a lot of questions here, and you should talk to him about his damage spikes. A spike to 60% is ok, but to 20% health is not comfortable at all. I would use unglyphed Divine Protection, Hammer of the Righteous, Ardent Defender, and Guardian of Ancient Kings as the stacks build. Oh, and the ot stacks do not fall off until the mt has 5 stacks, so taunting earlier would end up wiping the raid.

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