Enhancement shaman tips n tricks!

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Hello there!


I recently gemmed and enchanted my enhancement gear so im really new for this spec! I've never actually done any single heroic raid boss as enha: ) I really need some tips for garrosh 25 hc fight, how to manage with my cooldowns and stuff. 


Here is my armory:


Some logs from garrosh wipes:


Anything i could fix or should give attention?


We are skipping intermission phase 2.


Should i run EM with PE, or try sth else? I noticed that i cant stack all the cd's same time since i got AoC normal version without upgrades, so would it be better if ill go AS instead of EM?

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It's pretty hard to say, but I'd definitely suggest doing the EM/PE build, with a glyphed Fire Elemental Totem.  It does end up pretty wonky with AoC, but just holding EM for whenever both it and Fire Ele Totem come up together is a big gain vs just using it randomly.


Even if you want to try out something like UF for your l90 talent, I'd still recommend doing EM w/ glyphed Fire Elemental Totem, and STILL binding them together, although it would be less important to strictly follow that cooldown.


Check out my WeakAura thread for the EM/PE combo alert, and consider using a macro like this:


#showtooltip Fire Elemental Totem

/cast Elemental Mastery

/cast Fire Elemental Totem


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