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Hello hope u guys doing fine, my raid group are on Garrosh H, my dps is really low, i went tonight as fire but it was the same, my RL asked me to go frost again for phase 1.5 we need the AOE on those adds, i was thinking about go full haste, more AOE but idk if its better Full mastery, can someone help me and advice me please, what should i do to increase my Dps,? thanks

this in my link http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/drakkari/Hopee/simple



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Good dday fellow mage

Playstyle determines the result far more than stat weights. If you dont have any logs we can look through there is very little we can say to help.

Forexample if i were to recommend a certain Living Bomb haste breakpoint but your LB uptime is very low, the problem is your uptime not you not reaching a certain haste BP!



P.S My good friend durrtygoods has written a guide on how to check for mistakes on your playstyle on these very forums.

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