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Official Preview of the Dracthyr Race

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Here's the official preview of the Dracthyr race and their customization options coming in Dragonflight, including the different body type options we've heard will be available.

As a Dracthyr, you will be able to choose from a variety of customization options, including horns, scales, snouts, eyes, color, and four body options.

Blizzard Logo(Source)

The new Dracthyr race provides a variety of features to customize your character including bold horn options, a diverse palette of colors to choose from, and more. In this preview, we show off more of the choices available for you to fully express your Dracthyr form.

Choose from a variety of options for your Dracthyr including horns, scales, snouts, eyes, and more.

Embrace your individuality with a range of expressive colors.

Wear your armor with pride.

(The video wasn't showing up but luckily LeystTV resolved that issue)

Several body options will be available for you to choose from during creation.

This is just a sampling of the variety of options that players will have at their fingertips to create their Dracthyr Evoker to carry them into new adventures in the Dragon Isles. Who will you become?

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I still think the Dracthyr are by far the weirdest looking race. Even more weird than the Vulpera *shudder*. Lowkey wished we can have the option to look like the Dakonids like in the Black/blue Dragonflight. They have the better models IMO, even if they wouldn't be able to fly

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Good that they have some body options (even though they are still quite lanky), wish they added different body types to other races. Still not a fan of what they look like, it appears they were initially based on Worgen female model and then modified (not the first time they reused it, Mantid being one of examples).

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I think the models look great, the design says hero/heroin rather then the clearly enemy styled draknoid.
I.E Less spikey, the face design is more inviting.
granted the draknoids haven't had an update in a long while, so maybe we'll get to dee higher res models in dragonflight.

even though it doesn't seem like the wear normal armour, I'm defintley loving the breadth of options you'd always be able to see on your character.
Unlike class/race combos like the druid, where all the work that goes into customizing the humanoid form, gets lost unless you player a healer, or glyph moonkin. 
the diffrent styles of horns spikes and scales, allow much more personal expression...

which I think will all be lost on the meta-centric wow community

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Uncommon Patron

Demon Hunters, Lightforged Draenei, Nightborne, all get to show off some body art only if we transmog their stuff to nearly naked (and obv, that doesn't usually fly for legs...) 

I'm looking forward to seeing all this in the barber shop someday

Hey, maybe Blizz could offer an option to pinch coloration from the gear you're wearing on the humanoid form?

ps. autocorrect knows how to spell Draenei.  I didn't train it to this.  Maybe someone at Apple plays WoW.


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We finally get to be dragons instead of trying to kill them. I like it.

12 hours ago, SpilledStars said:

ps. autocorrect knows how to spell Draenei.  I didn't train it to this.  Maybe someone at Apple plays WoW.


If you type a word enough and don't let auto-correct fix it, then it assumes the word is legit. It does learn, just not in the advanced, taking over the world AI sense.

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