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Would an unholy forum guide be well received

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I have come to love unholy and use it as my main pvp and pve spec. I can dps on par with any frost and have really come to appreciate the spec. I've helped many dks in game perfect their unholy rotation. Would a beginners unholy guide be well received here? I mean there is already the icy veins guide which covers most rotational things it would be based around what you really need to watch, your mind set, optional play styles, and that sorta thing. I have already begun writing it but want feedback before i spend any more time on it XD


let me know what you think

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Go for it! more contributions are always better.


I feel like Unholy is somewhat under represented in the DK community. I know a lot of people play it, and it's at least equal to dw frost in dps, but Unholy DK's don't seem to talk about it as much as frost DK's do, and most new DK's are usually asking about frost. Maybe a few more Unholy posts will get some more people trying it out.

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