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577 fury warrior log critique

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Hello! I am currently sitting on 577 ilvl and I personally feel like I should be doing a lot more DPS then I am currently doing




The freshest single-target fight I have. The reason that my damage stops (except Deep Wounds DoT) for about 40-42 seconds is because my guild is doing the strat where we stay at the back after the first shock pulse.


My armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmane/Sistema/simple


Any help is appreciated.


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Heyy smile.png


I'm a fellow fury warrior like you and I think I can give a suggestion or two. I've have been looking through many of the log analysis done on this forum in the hope that I can analyse my own logs. I haven't started heroics and I'm only 565, but these are just my two cents.

You had all your Storm bolts inside a CS window and that's how it's done, and you wasted no rage at all, which is amazing! biggrin.png As far as RB, BT and WS usage goes, im not that good at analysing those so i will leave it to the more experienced fury warriors to tell you, i will just say that I noticed you casted 40/42 RB procs obtained, maybe you overwrote one of them or they dropped when you left Jugg as hit phase 2?


The biggest thing that stood out for me is why did you not cast Execute once. In Execute phase, raging blow becomes our filler whilst our CS window becomes: CS->SB->Execute->Execute->Execute. Another thing is that you didnt cast your tier 4 talent at all, you can fit it in right after a CS window after casting BT and gaining, for your crit level, most likely a RB proc. The optimal setup I try to get myself is:


CS window finishes->BT(get 1 proc)->Bladestorm for 4.5 seconds->BT for 2nd proc->normal filler


Finally, your dps will increase greatly after you get your engineering to 600, given that you can time your synapse springs with every CS window. Dont forget to use your 2nd potion of mogu power, that will also bring your dps up too! (i forget all the time xD)


Hope this helped!

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