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Healing Comparison

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Hi guys,



So I recently started healing again after a 3 month break from wow. I am currently raiding in a 10m group where we 2 heal (shammie+drood) everything that we can but use a third healer on certain fights. We are progressing in heroic mode and have gotten 6 of the first 8 bosses down (sha and shamans left).


I was wondering if anyone here is 2 healing this content on 10m and is willing to share their logs with me for comparison so that I can see better where i can improve.



Here is my log: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/CXQ6Ky78rNacTtBz#type=healing


Armory seems to be down right now however you can find me on Stormscale server. Name is DofrÎ



Any suggestions to help me improve would be most welcome :)


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I'm two healing 10 man HMs with disc or holy pala. Was two healing with druid too - it's the easiest.

Logs from Sha HM last week : http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/mjMzXhdbxVcAgqFR#fight=12&type=healing

On Shamans we were 3-healing because we got a new holy pala and have to gear him. On this fight resto shaman stays upstairs with two tanks, while druid downstairs with the rest of the raid. But in the terms of healing it'll be just the same as you can see in the logs.

Logs: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/mjMzXhdbxVcAgqFR#fight=22&type=healing&start=7593020&end=8069864

Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/argent-dawn/Pandacho/simple

Tip for Sha: never wait for the buff to dispel - the damage taking from debuff starts to be overwhelming, just dispel on CD - both of you.

On Shamans: Stormlash on start, before you going upstairs, so you could use it once more in the end of fight. glyph of rushing streams. I take Elementals in Tier 6, not UF, but it's a personal preference, I know that Stoove recommends UF.

If you need more tips or for other bosses, just ask and I'll answer more specifically :)

I looked a bit in your logs, at IJ fight (can't go through all the fights right now - typing from iPad :-/). I see that your play style is very different from mine, so I'll not give you suggestions, just will write a couple of observations. Uptime of Earth shield is low - 70%, have to be around 100%. You don't use direct heals and IJ fight is all about heavy personal damage in the first phase. You use a lot HR here with more than 50% overheal, while I use it only on phase two, when we are all stacked, with 14% overheal. Your Stone Bulwark usage is very low too, it's much better to use it on CD, especially on IJ fight.

Finishing for now, will try to look at more fights from PC :)

P.S. Sorry, if it's too short or harsh somehow. Was starting to write 3 times and every time that I tabbed to look in the logs, my reply just vanished.

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Thanx for the response and the tips Pandacho!



I should have tackled the earth shield problem a while ago but im gonna try to make a weak aura thingy for it to make it easier to track. Might do the same for stone totem but may just also try to weave it more into my playing.


Sha: Do you not run into issues with to many pride stacks with that type of dispelling? If not then that tactic will definatly make the fight more comfortable (less things to keep track of).


Shaman: Have yet to try him on hc but might have a go at him next weekend.


IJ: ahh what a fight, we as a guild to tend to stack a bit because healing rain is just so powerfull and i do indeed not use single target heals unless there is truly only 1 target to heal.



Gearing wise im going for 30% haste, 11.6k spirit and then crit over mastery but have some strange gear up at the moment in preparation for challenge modes. Wondering if people generally use the 33% hastecap instead of the 30% one. Somehow seems a waste to me since i generally use recall to get mana back and would therefore likely not benefit from the extra tick.


Finally, you dont need to worry about insulting me. Im coming here for advice/criticism and therefor dont expect everything to be purely positive.



Any additional tips and logs would be most welcome!

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My comp will be back only in a week, so no raids and new logs meanwhile. But if you are interesting, you can go through the same link to my guild's warcraftlogs and check there all the possible fights.

Sha: no, with two healers we (I hope that you too) have enough dps to push the boss to the next phase before or right after the third Swelling Pride, so no Overcome issues. Additional tip: all the classes, except warriors and hunters have self-dispels. You can ask people to help you and to dispel themselves, at least when you try this tactic.

IJ: we stay spread loosely (you can see it using the Replay function in the logs), so only one person get hitted by boss' abilities and not a group. No need in HR and less to heal. I think that with 3 healers you could use direct heals. For less confusion, you can assign group 1 for one healer direct heals, group 2 to the other, the third one helps. I'm not suggesting to drop AoE healing, just saying that it might be helpful when every healer knows exactly what to do. In addition you can see that you raid HPS is much higher than our - you are taken much more damage not being spread a little, imo.

WeakAuras: you should definitely do some auras for the spells with 100% prefered uptime like Earth shield, HST, SBT. Auras make our life much easier. Except of that, Natural barrier from your shield does about 40% of total healing on the tank (if I remember it right) and it's automaic healing - it's a shame not to use yhis awesome possibility.

More tips :)

Immerseus: Use HTT and Ascendance on the first two Submerges, when the boss reformes, doing heavy damage on the raid. They will be off CD to the time when you'll need CDs to heal many puddles.

Protectors: I use my raid CDs on 50-60 Calamity, 30-40 could be easily healed through. On Dark Meditation I use my Earth Elemental with Primal Elementalist talent, HR with Unleashed buff, HST totem twice with the Call of Elements talent and 4T16 buff if all of this not enough.

Norushen: use all your raid CDs on the start of the fight, if one healer going to cleance from the start (our tactic - healers go to cleance one after other from the start, so it takes 3 orbs). If you are doing it different, use your raid CDs when one of the healers is inside. Trick for inside: use your Fire elem to help NPCs to kill the mob, Flame Shock him and all, so you could get out of there very fast and help to heal the raid.

Galakras: faceroll forever. you can use your raid CDs on the first two packs (they do a lot of AoE damage). The fight is long enough to use all the CDs like 3-4 times before the boss landing. Be ready to use the CDs when dragons shoot fire and on poison mini-boss.

Actually you can heal all th first phase just on HoTs, but to use some stuff is more fun ^^

Nazgrim: we two-heal this fight and there is a trick when the Sniper comes on healer. First of all, I hope you run to stay near the wall, so only you will get the damage. Another thing: to leather and cloth healers hard enough to stay alive with Sniper's damage and they stop tho heal the raid. So when I heal with disc, I direct heal him, while he heals the raid :) And better to save your raid CDs for the time you'll be affected by sniper.

That's all for now. Hope, it was helpful in some way :)

Stats: you can find here in Shaman section a bunch of my topics about different stat weights and compositions that I tried in NM, HM, 10- and 25-man raids.

Recently I run 10-man HMs with 50% Haste, 11K Spirit and the rest in Crit. It's my personal preference, so I don't recommend it to other people, not because it's bad, but because it just suits my playing style.

30% of Haste is enough normally. I would like to drop at least 2K of Spirit, but it's not possible in resto gear (I tried it, you can read about it in Reforging Spirit thread here on forum). I don't see any real value in playing with totem recall - never had mana issues on any fight with 11K Spirit, so no reason for me to press more buttons ^^

Edited by Pandacho

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Hi again,


Went on another very successfull run yesterday and got 2 new hc kills down (dark shammy and sha) and managed to clear all first 8 on heroic although we did struggle quite a bit on Nazgrim.


I was wondering if any of the nice people around here can give some additional tips to make that Nazgrim fight a bit easier and perhaps a hint or 2 for Spoils and Malk hc. 


Tried to use bulw totem and earth shield a bit more but i need to work more especially on the earth shield. Used the weak aura from this site for earth shield but thats not enough it seems hehe.


logs: http://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/qRvcf2AQKzLmYGk9


armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormscale/Dofr%C3%AE/simple

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Nazgrim specifically is all about snap healing rather than sustained healing.  Holding on to Healing Stream Totem for the add phases can easily save people, especially when there are Arcweavers hanging around.

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Spoils is a very easy fight to heal. You, as a shaman, can help very much to your raid if will write a macro to purge Amber priests.

Use your Stormlash totem on the first boss in whatever room you'll start, so it will be up the second time in the next room. Use Hero on the second boss in Mogu room - Mogu hit harder. Ask your group to stack on the bosses in Mogu for easier AoE heal and cleaves. Use your raid CDs on bosses in every room - do not wait and try to heal through their damage without CDs.

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