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LF quick advice

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me: way over hitcap, gear without hit/spirit is annoyingly rare.


Current weapon: Flexible Lever of the Meganth..blahblah (Haste and Crit)


I just came into a Normal Drakebinder Greatstaff (Spirit, Mastery)



All other things being the same (gem, upgrade 4x, enchant), does anyone think I should use the DG over the Lever?


My inclination is no:

*  even reforged, the spirit will be all wasted and won't reclaim enough haste to replace it

*  my crit/mastery balance is already unbalanced towards mastery and would further unbalance it


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1.6% over isnt that bad, but yeah it's probably a wash. i would actually lean towards the reg staff and bonus roll only on bosses that drop slots with no hit, tier chest from sha, sandals from gala, bracers from spoils, ring from thok, etc.

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