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Wrath Classic Release Date is September 26, 2022

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Wrath of the Lich King Classic releases on September 26, 2022.

It's official now. After Wrath Classic's release date briefly appeared on the official site and was later removed, it's now been confirmed by Blizzard that it, in fact, releases on September 26, 2022.

The Joyous Journeys Experience buff is also live in Classic, increasing XP requirements by 50%.

Blizzard Logo(Source)

Embark on a treacherous journey through the wintry forests and snowy peaks of Northrend once more. Confront the Lich King on his Frozen Throne and push back the Scourge before Azeroth is overrun by his undead minions.

Rediscover the joys of exploration and relive the dangers of Northrend when World of Warcraft®: Wrath of the Lich King Classic™ goes live beginning September 26 at 3pm PDT globally.

The Lich King, Arthas Menethil, sits in the ominous Icecrown Citadel scheming to claim the world as his own—a plan that threatens all life on Azeroth. Heroes of the Alliance and Horde must stand against the malevolent being who dares to declare himself the one true king of Azeroth...and seeks to scour all life from the world.

Wrath of the Lich King Classic™ will thrill both veterans and newcomers with a host of improved features and content to explore:

  • The Grim Frozen North – Heroes will begin their journey in one of two zones in Northrend—Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord—and adventure through some of the most epic vistas and beloved storylines in all of Warcraft before breaching the seat of the Lich King’s power in Icecrown.
  • The Rise of Death Knights – Available to both factions and starting at level 55, Death Knights—World of Warcraft’s first hero class—harness the powers of darkness to help combat the evil that threatens Azeroth. While Death Knights are limited to one per server and require a level 55 character on that server to create, in Wrath Classic, we will be bypassing that requirement for a player’s first Death Knight.
  • New Profession—Inscription – This new profession allows players to scribe mystical glyphs that modify the properties of spells and abilities (cooldowns, damage, etc.), and craft powerful trinkets and off-hand items.
  • Achievements Unlocked – Achievements are coming to WoW Classic, giving players new rewards for their exploits and accomplishments.
  • Dungeons & Raids – Relive seminal 5-player dungeons like Azjol-Nerub and the Culling of Stratholme, and lay siege to Naxxramas as a 25- or 10-player raid—an update of its original iteration as a 40-player raid in pre-expansion World of Warcraft. 
  • Included With Existing World of Warcraft Subscriptions – As with previous WoW Classic releases, anyone who subscribes to World of Warcraft can also play Wrath of the Lich King Classic at no additional cost.

Joyous Journeys 50% Experience Buff Ahead in Burning Crusade Classic

The road ahead is icy and fraught with danger. To help you prepare for your adventures in Wrath of the Lich King Classic, players in Burning Crusade Classic will get an experience buff* called “Joyous Journeys,” which will increase experience gains by 50%! It’s a great time to finish leveling a character, create a new one, or invite friends to join you in your adventures.

Players can also visit any innkeeper in a capital city to turn the experience buff off or on. The journey won’t last forever and will end with the launch of Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

We’re excited to be able to bring this classic adventure to you, so don’t forget to sign up for the beta. For the latest information and updates, keep checking WorldofWarcraft.com, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

We look forward to seeing you in Northrend!

*Experience buff not available in modern World of Warcraft®.

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      Blizzard have decided to remove Honor decay starting with next week's maintenance in Classic Era and Season of Discovery.
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      When we updated the PvP honor system in patch 1.14.4, our changes were focused on making it so that we no longer needed the old PvP Honor system script, eliminating ranking points, and removing de-ranking due to decay. As we look to the future, we’ve carefully considered the role of decay in today’s Honor system and how it interacts with increasingly competitive Honor requirements in higher ranks.
      As a result, we’ve arrived at the decision to disable Honor decay in Classic Era and Season of Discovery. This will become effective starting with scheduled weekly maintenance (on December 5 in this region).
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      Yes! It will be 1:00 p.m. PST on Thursday, November 30.
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      Blizzard plans to launch Season of Discovery with only a handful of realms that will support a lot of players. The Season's PvP realms will be designed to maintain focus on faction balance as they grow.
      Season of Discovery will launch on November 30 and Blizzard revealed their plan to launch with fewer realms and increased player capacity. Additional realms may be introduced in the future if SoD proves to be popular enough.
      Realm names and types will be revealed soon.
      Hey everyone. I’m Fwoibles, also known as Tom. I’m a Senior Producer on the World of Warcraft Server and Live Ops team, and I would like to share what we’re preparing for the realms with the upcoming launch of Season of Discovery.
      You may have noticed with the launch of Classic Hardcore that there weren’t a lot of realms. Was Hardcore’s launch a small experience? Heck no! Hardcore continues to be experienced by a huge number of players, and we have been thrilled to see so many players, new and old, join in to experience World of Warcraft Classic in a new, exciting way. At the outset of any launch, our goal has always been to create healthy, enduring realms, and behind the scenes, we deployed tech in patch 1.14.4 that allowed us to significantly increase the realm capacity of a single Classic Era realm. With this higher realm capacity and fewer realms, we avoided the need for disruptive character migration options as realm populations ebbed and flowed.
      For Season of Discovery, we’re going to repeat this process. We will launch a handful of realms that can support a lot of players, so you can feel confident in your choice of realm. Please note: we will actively manage the realm sizes at launch, so you might see sporadic queues as the populations spread out and we ensure realm sizes remain roughly equal. If Season of Discovery proves hugely popular (as we think it might!), we will of course be ready with additional realms if needed. Please look forward to the announcement of launch realm names and types Soon™!
      Another topic that comes up each time we talk about realms is faction balance on PvP realms. We’ve received a lot of feedback on this since 2019. We hear you, and with Season of Discovery, we’re going to try something new: this Season’s PvP realms have been designed to maintain faction balance as they grow. Yes, this is actually happening!
      However, there is a potential cost to this faction balance that we want to make sure you’re aware of: if one faction is significantly more dominant on a PvP realm, there is a very real likelihood that faction selection may be temporarily limited on that realm. That said, our overarching goal for Season of Discovery is for it to be a fun and smooth experience, and we are prepared to change course if necessary. Your requests for faction balance have been heard loud and clear. This is a new direction for us, and one that we’re excited to try.
      Again, this feature will only be turned on for our Season of Discovery PvP realms. You will always be able to roll either faction as you wish on PvE realms. We encourage everyone who isn’t committed to the challenges and difficulties of PvP to consider a non-PvP realm for Season of Discovery. As an old WoW veteran myself, I can tell you – playing on a balanced-faction PvP realm can be a double-edged sword. There are awesome and fun new challenges that await, but also the potential for hindrances that you may not expect. Your favorite farming spots might be a bit more spicy than you’re used to!
      We think this Season is going to be a lot of fun, and these changes will help ensure every realm enjoys a great experience all Season long! And we’re excited and looking forward to adding some extra seasoning to Season of Discovery’s PvP realms.
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      After today's patch 1.15 launch, Classic Hardcore players noticed their servers were not coming back up as quickly as the Era ones and asked about it on the official forums. Kaivax explained why this is, as they are always very careful when it comes to patches and Hardcore, as they may result in deaths! Here's the full response.
      Harcdore (Source)
      We have many more steps to take with Hardcore during a full patch update like this one. Those steps are all focused on finding any issue that has even a remote chance of causing players to die. If we find such an issue, we go through a whole process of understanding it, reproducing it, designing a fix, testing the fix, and applying the fix before we open Hardcore realms publicly.
      Issues like that can be safely tolerated on the non-Hardcore Classic Era realms for a little while, and of course, we apply our fixes to Classic Era realms as well as Hardcore realms as we go.
      We appreciate your patience.
    • By Staff
      Here come the full patch notes for 1.15.0, with UI changes, a new lost and found NPC for quest reward trinkets, and a lot of bug fixes as well. Just as a reminder, this is not the Season of Discovery patch, but a precursor. SoD arrives on November 30th.
      Patch Notes (Source)
      Default UI Adjustments
      Enemy castbars can now be enabled in the default UI in the Options menu under Interface. Damage over time abilities and other debuffs will now display their remaining duration on the default enemy unit frame. Developers’ notes: These are oft-requested quality-of-life features that are easily accessible using addons, so we’ve decided to just go ahead and add this functionality to the default UI, especially since this functionality has never been a restricted part of the Interface API.
      Lost and Found
      Added the lost and found vendor Rix Xizzix. This vendor will sell you certain quest reward trinkets that you may have misplaced. He’s located just to the south outside the Old Port Authority in Booty Bay. Bug Fixes
      The NPC Names Setting in the Options menu under Interface now functions properly. Fixed an issue with the “clucking” animation that plays when you use the Skull of Impending Doom that caused the animation to not loop properly. Taurens are now properly limbered up and their extra combat reach has been restored. Remember, it’s always important to properly stretch before doing physical exercise. Warrior - Fixed an issue that allowed you to incorrectly swap to the stance you are already in. Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause incorrect options to appear when right-clicking a member of a shared Battle.net group to send a whisper. Fixed various interface errors with the Options menu. Fixed an interface error that sometimes occurred when abandoning a quest. Fixed an issue that allowed raid and party members without assist or set target markers. Fixed an issue where some class and profession trainers were missing gossip options or had incorrect gossip options. Fixed an issue that caused Redoubt to not proc when the Paladin is not wearing a shield. Developers’ notes: This is authentic behavior which was fixed/changed at some point during Classic, and we’ve decided to restore it for Classic Era, Hardcore, and Season of Discovery.
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